It’s easy to strike out on your own and start something new. But it takes commitment, focus, accountability — the right kind of support system — to make a dream into reality. Accountability coaching can help you stay focused throughout the process. It provides you with step-by-step guidance from an expert who knows what they’re doing because they’ve done it themselves!

Through good accountability coaching, you will help be able to stay focused on your goals and plan out the steps you need to take in order for these desires of yours come true. By achieving more, we not only feel better but also get closer to fulfilling our dreams! 

Imagine how much more successful you would be if someone was there with you every step – encouraging you as well?

Every top athlete, business person and successful individual hires a coach to help them reach their potential, you can too.

Imagine the difference it would make if you had someone in your corner cheering you on and pushing you through the tough spots, helping you achieve your goals faster and easier. 

Being able to talk with someone who’s not only been in your shoes, but has also helped others get through tough times. A good coach is there for you and they will help keep you on track no matter where life takes you! (hello international pandemic!) They can guide many aspects of your life including business success or personal development.

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What is an accountability coach?

In a nutshell, an accountability coach is someone who will support you through moments of doubt. She help to hold you accountable as your goals move forward.

Accountability coaches like me help you stay on track no matter the curveballs life sends you. 

I believe it’s important for moms of small businesses to reach their personal or professional aspirations because they’re capable of so much more than what is currently on the table. Coaches often come from the corporate world and don’t understand the tough demands of “Mom Life.” 

Applying corporate style coaching to a one-person mom-run business just isn’t going to work. We don’t have the same resources (and often cash) to throw at the problems. Mom coaching is a whole different ball game.

Accountability coaching gives clarity and direction

A good accountability coach will give you more clarity and direction than anything else. They’re not just there to tell you what to do, but they also make sure that it gets done. Coaching makes sure your goals are crystal clear. The path is laid out in front of you, making success inevitable because everything has been worked out ahead of time.

When you set short-term, achievable goals, it’s easier to feel more excited and focused. Simple plans eliminate overwhelm and procrastination – so there is never a boring day! 

Accountability builds motivation; with increased focus comes improved decision-making. Productivity improves because of the clarity that these daily plans provide: no matter what obstacle pops up in life, we always have an answer on hand!

When I work with my 1:1 and mastermind clients, the first thing we do is get super clear on the goal and create a path with steps to achieve it.

I then monitor the process both on a daily and weekly basis to make sure you are on track. If something big happens, like a pesky pandemic, we can take stock of the situation and make adjustments if necessary.

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Spend more time doing the fun stuff

When you spend more time doing what you love to do, it will make your day better and easier. An accountability coach can help identify the best ways for you to use your strengths and abilities, so you have a smooth path of success towards achieving your goals.

When working in your zone of genius, your creativity and confidence both become stronger. Doing what makes us happy can create a sense of clarity that allows for less procrastination as well.

A good coach will help you become more productive and confident so that you can spend less time working on your business rather than in it.

Accountability coaching is like a personal cheerleader for your goals. Your coach will ensure you focus on results and help set measurable quarterly goals that can increase productivity while creating an environment where intentionality in effort translates into progress towards bigger, more important milestones.

Quarterly goals are then broken down into smaller more achievable steps. Because I take the kaizen (baby steps) approach and know what it’s like to be a mom running a business, even on those days when everything seems to go arse up, you can still be inching forwards.

It’s no secret that getting the right results takes time and effort.  Some days, it feels like you’re spinning your wheels without any real progress to show for all of your hard work. 

It can be frustrating when this happens over and over again. But there is a way out! With me as your coach by your side, success becomes inevitable – because I’ll teach you how to get focused on what really matters: achieving desired outcomes as soon as possible with less stress in just about everything else along the way!

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Get more time back 

Every mom, business owner, and entrepreneur wants more time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of tasks needed to run a business. This leads to complexity in decision-making processes because they don’t know how or where to start. 

This is why using the kaizen 3 step method is important, so you have a clear idea of what you want and how to get it.

When looking at a huge to-do list, it seems overwhelming at first glance. Accountability coaching clears up the confusion by providing clarity and perspective on what tasks should be most important based on past results so you can spend your valuable time wisely!

Accountability coaching provides clarity and perspective as well as improved effectiveness through its ability to clear the clutter from both mental spaces. A good accountability coach also does it while also making sure there is enough room left over for necessary organization systems. This wiggle room gives you better access during stressful times like tax season and school holidays.

Having a coach will help you become more productive and creative by:

  • Assigning tasks to a deadline
  • Implementing proven strategies for time management
  • Cutting distractions that take up your day with unimportant matters
  • Ensuring the focus is on what really needs your attention so you are not overwhelmed or stuck in any one thing

When you have more time freedom, your business can grow faster and achieve a better work-life flow. You can set goals and plan the week so that boundaries are set around time for accomplishing tasks smarter and not harder than before.

Overcome procrastination

Or should that be procrastacleaning (many moms admit they resort to cleaning rather than working on what they know really needs to be done). Studies have shown that having an accountability coach will help you overcome procrastination. 

With a proper structure, you focus on taking action instead of being complacent with your current situation- which stops the cycle of bad habits and ultimately creates a better life for yourself! I use a proven process to achieve goals one step at time while also holding you accountable every day.

Whether you are a SPARK masterminder or a 1:1 client, we have daily accountability check-ins to keep you on track to your goals. You’ll know what’s up and where it needs attention so that nothing slips through the cracks!

Smash your goals 

Basically, an accountability coach is there to push you past your limits and help motivate you. 

Without someone giving me a little extra encouragement, I might have never accomplished my goals in the first place. Which is why I love helping other moms reach their potential.

Accountability coaching saving moms time

Sometimes all someone needs can be a little accountability coaching session from an experienced coach who knows how hard these things are!

Interested in working with me?

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