As I write this, it is the start of the Golden Week holidays here in Japan.
And we should be filling our boots on all the delicious food that Taiwan has to offer.

But no, instead we are like half the world, stuck at home.

I really didn’t want to ‘waste’ the Golden week holiday, so we kicked off the first day with a virtual holiday to South Korea. Somewhere we have never been to!

We are no strangers to immersion days. I used to do them often with Ebi-kun when he was younger, here is an example of one – educational and fun!

Italian Immersion Day

Breakfast: Little chocolate chip cookies in a bowl of milk (when I lived in Italy this was the family favourite!)

Then we made tiramisu for later in the day

Fresco painting – we mixed up batches of plaster of Paris and poured it into pots, then painted them before they completely dried.

Salad and bread with Italian cheeses and parma ham for lunch

Then we read a book about Michelangelo and watched Horrible Histories video about him. Then as we listened to some Renaissance music, Ebi-kun tried his hand at painting the ‘ceiling’ (paper taped to the underside of the table) whilst lying on his back!

We finished off the day with calzone and tiramisu!

painting like Michelangelo. boy lying on his back painting the bottom of the table in a virtual holiday

This time for our virtual holiday we all picked a country we want to visit, with the rule that it has to be somewhere none of us have visited before. The first winner was… South Korea!

Virtual Holiday To South Korea

Our family like to eat so I knew I needed to plan food into the day. Yes, there was a lot of eating and cooking and washing up. But everyone pitched in so it wasn’t too bad and on the plus side, we made so much food there was no cooking needed the next day! #winning

We started with gaeran-tost-u for breakfast, a veggie omlette toasted sandwich with the added surprise of ketchup and sugar! A bit weird but it was good, I’m still not totally convinced about the sugar!

korean style toasted omlette sandwich on white plate part of our virtual holiday

Then we did a Korea based escape quiz, I threw this together quite quickly, you can play below, no charge! It’s just a bit of fun, you can do it together as a family. Or if you have enough devices, split into teams!

As we chilled in the garden as we drank dalgona coffee. If you like coffee and haven’t tried this yet, give it a go. It’s quick (if you use an electric whisk) and pretty good!

3 glasses of dalgona coffee on the table in the garden, drinks for out virtual trip

My bestie Di from Superlucky is a big BTS fan, so we felt obliged to listen to some of their music. The only other band I know is Winner, so we gave them a go too. We then got onto Google and found the punk band No Brain, who is very much more my cup of tea!

We had japchae (Korean glass noodles stir-fry) for lunch, this was a big hit so we will be making it again.

After lunch we went for a walk, still need fresh air! Luckily it was a beautiful day so we had a wander around the rice paddies.

When we came back we watched the film Okja, which is great but not suitable for younger ones.

Finished off the day with a dinner with tong dak – double-cooked chicken wings. Hotteok – a cheese-filled snack (you know I have to sneak cheese in somewhere!). Sangchoo geotjeori – basically a lettuce salad with dressing, pa jun – scallion pancakes with dipping sauce, kimchee and spicy bean sprouts.

The links are to the recipes I used, if it’s not linked it’s because I bought it at the supermarket!

We are not a spicy food type of family. My husband was convinced that all Korean food is spicy. Apart from the store-bought kimchee, there was nothing very hot at all. A lot of garlic was consumed though, so we don’t need to worry about vampires for the next week!

The great thing was that we discovered some new recipes that we all loved. I will be adding those to my dinner hits list!

Deep dives into culture…

If your kids love maps, travel learning about animals, culture, food and more then they will love 193 Little Adventures Club – printable culture packs for curious kids. Pop over here to learn more.


take a virtual holiday and do a free escape room. The view of a korean city scape.