Do you consider yourself to be a time-poor mom?

If the answer is yes, don’t panic, if it makes you feel better, you are in the majority! Today I want to share a bit about the mindset that is involved in going from feeling time-poor and constantly stressed to that feeling of being on top of it all and in control.

At the heart of all this is the powerful SPARKmethod, designed to ignite change, shift perspectives, and empower business moms with newfound clarity. I understand the unique challenges you face—balancing client calls with playdates, drafting proposals with homework help, and chasing deadlines while also chasing after little ones.

We’ll look at how my SPARK method becomes your guiding light, leading you from the chaos of overwhelming to-do lists to the serene shores of clarity and purpose. It’s a journey that bucks much of the conventional productivity advice and instead focuses on the mindset transformation coupled with down-to-earth practical help.

As we unravel the threads of this transformative tale, you’ll hear from real-life time-poor moms who’ve embraced SPARK and experienced remarkable shifts in their approach, mindset, and overall well-being. They are living proof that amidst the whirlwind, you can find a sanctuary of focus, confidence, and achievement.

So, my dear time-poor mom, buckle up and get ready to discover how SPARK can be the catalyst that propels you from chaos to clarity. Let’s ignite the fire within and embark on a journey that reshapes not only your business strategies but the very essence of your mindset.

What type of time-poor mom are you?

Having worked with hundreds of moms over the years, I can confidently affirm that specific categories tend to encompass the experiences of time-poor moms. More often than not, these incredible women find themselves with a foot in more than one box.

The Over-Scheduler Mom

The Over-Scheduler Mom

This mom continuously adds items to her schedule, almost like packing an overstuffed suitcase. Intentions are noble, but execution lacks finesse. Saying no is hard and she’s a people pleaser at heart. It’s as if some parts of the schedule are bursting at the seams while others remain forgotten in some dark hidden pocket. Amidst the juggle, certain things get squished together, while others fade into oblivion.

The Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-My-Pants Mom

The Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-My-Pants Mom

This mom is seemingly laid-back and easygoing. Yet, beneath that serene exterior lies a bustling current of a mom paddling like mad to stay afloat. I remember a friend who projected an image of a calm, carefree spirit. But in a candid moment, she confessed the constant struggle, the sensation of letting people down, and the frustration of never being able to arrive anywhere on time, which went against her very nature.

The Type A, every last minute count’s mom

The Type A, every last minute count’s mom

This mom thrives on meticulous planning, craving precision in every aspect. Yet, the transition from corporate life to mom life brings its unique challenges. Curveballs are aplenty—playdates that extend beyond their slot, unexpected toddler meltdowns, and a flurry of sick days. She’s the one who can orchestrate PTA meetings with the finesse of a Fortune 500 CEO, yet might find herself overwhelmed when another mom type inadvertently drops the ball.

The neurodivergent time-poor mom

An image of a woman in a grey t-shirt holding a white paper plane.
The neurodivergent time-poor mom

In a landscape where more women are seeking testing and diagnoses, the presence of diagnosed neurodivergent moms is more prevalent than ever before. Being neurodivergent means the brain operates on a distinct frequency. A seemingly ‘simple’ task like laundry can morph into an insurmountable hurdle, capable of halting an entire day.

Chances are you, if you are a time-poor mom, you will identify with one or more of the above. The good news is that as you learn more about your mom type and delve into the SPARK method and mindset, you can start to set up your day in a way that works for you.

When I joined SPARK in 2022, I wasn’t running a business. I was in my Master’s year while juggling a family, a part-time job, a myriad of hobbies, and a somewhat questionable social life.

Being an ADHDer, I appreciated the daily check-ins and monthly meetings with Jo. I needed accountability to get me into gear and that was precisely why I decided to join SPARK in the first place. I knew if I only had myself to be accountable to, it would have been a hard slog through the academic year.

The monthly meeting enabled me to check in with my goals (there were a few) and if I was on track. Interactions with other members in the private FB group were also fun and gave me ideas for future business and social media endeavours.

Without sugarcoating it, 2022 was a challenging year for me. However, I am happy to report that I met my goals of finishing with a Distinction average, spending more quality time with the family, and lastly, securing a job in a field I am passionate about.
Thank you, Jo, with your boots kicking me in the tuckus and the support of group members. I was able to motivate myself to achieve all my goals for the year.”

Nur Brkich

The three pillars of the SPARK method

SPARK focuses on productivity, mindset, and flow—three pillars that stand as your compass in the midst of chaos.

Productivity: SPARK unveils personalized strategies to reclaim your time, eliminating wasteful habits and honing in on priorities. Be held accountable, and get things done.

Mindset: Reshape your perspective with SPARK, cultivating resilience and positivity to navigate the ups and downs of business and family.

Flow: SPARK harmonizes your roles, infusing intention into each moment, allowing you to relish both realms without compromise.

Imagine wielding a toolkit designed to elevate your entire approach, turning time-poor chaos into boundless potential. 

Once you have this all working for you, instead of against you, then you can look at your goals and together we can figure out the best approach for you. I don’t believe in productivity blueprints, this has to be created for your personal situation.

Who is a SPARK mom?

We have had a very mixed bag over the years, from moms of babies and toddlers up to teens and beyond. Moms just starting their business to those who have been doing their thing for years. We have had ex-pat moms, multi-passionate moms and moms who are leading a very specific niche, such as Di Coke who has been in SPARK from the beginning.

I’ve known Di for many years and she is super organised but due to the nature of her business, often gets curveballs sent her way. So setting up systems that will help her delegate and coming up with ways that allow her to be more flexible in her business is important. Along with mindset strategies that help control the feeling of overwhelm when life gets busy.

Di Coke –

Abbie is an ex-pat, ESL teacher and summit organiser and mom to 2 adorable little girls. When you run your own business and you are all on your own, self-doubt and questioning your own decisions can often send you into a tailspin of paralysis. Using the SPARK method and being held accountable to your actions makes a world of difference.

Abigail Fulbrook – English With Abigail

Wrap Up

Knowing what kind of time-poor mom you are, along with your personality type is the first step in the SPARK method. From that we can work out a practical system that fits with your family and business. And alongside it work on the mindset that is holding you back.

Find out more about SPARK Mastermind here.


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