The Best Apps For Entrepreneur Moms

I have updated this “best apps for entrepreneur moms post”, some of the original apps are still here, firm favourite, some fell out of favour or are no longer active!

As there are a squillion and one apps out there claiming to help organize your life. Although I’m a bit of a tech junkie I’m quite zen-like when it comes to apps, I have a few absolute favourites and although I have dabbled with many, most never stay around for long.

That in itself is a great decluttering tip – and apps that don’t work for you, delete off your device. Just have the ones that you use and love, that will free up memory on your device too.

Right, let’s get into it, all the apps have a free version, most of the time that is all you need. I recommend playing around with it before upgrading if you decide to do so.

I did that with Over because I love the app and found I was using it all the time, it made sense to get the premium version. Some of the links included are referral or affiliate links, that means I will get a payment or bonus if you decide to buy the premium version.


For project management and generally keeping on top of everything, I love Asana. I love it that much that last year I was privileged enough to become one of the first Asana Certified Pro’s – go me! The app syncs with the desktop so I can update on the go.

It is a must-have if you have a VA or outsource anything.

We also use it for Ebi-kuns homeschooling, he checks off each day what he has studied so we know that he is on track and not missing anything.

I use it for all kinds of projects and also with by 1:1 clients, I can add them to the project and we can both see what is going on, what needs to be done and what had been completed. It’s really versatile.

Trello is a similar app, I tried that but prefer the Asana interface.

Get Asana here (bottom of the page)…

Made On Over


Great productivity app, especially if aimless Facebook scrolling is one of your downfalls – no shame, it gets me too!

With Forest you plant virtual bush or tree for a set amount of time, if you use your phone whilst the plant is growing, you the tree! Noooo!

It has gamification set in so you can buy different types of trees but the really cool part is that if you collect 2500 points you can use the points for them to plant a real tree!


If you have family or friends all with app you can grow a tree together, which means you can intentionally set aside gadget-free time whilst you are together.

Get the forest app here…


A good chunk of my income comes through Paypal, I was a bit worried about having the Paypal app on my phone, but to be honest it is so handy!
I also love having the notifications, it’s the only thing I have with the notifications set up, there is something very satisfying about seeing payments pop up all times of day!
Plus I can see straight away when automated payments go out, which is always handy.

Get the PayPal app here…


You must have heard me rave about Airtable before, it is a database system on steroids, you can seriously organize anything on there. I have personal tables for gift lists and recipes.

For work, I use it for content planning, social media planning, keeping tabs on my funnels and opt-ins, research, stats, challenges, launch tasks, blog posts… so many things!

Like Asana, Airtable syncs across devices but the mobile version is more limited than the desktop.

Sign up for Airtable here…

iphone, notebook, eraser, pencil and sharpener on pink background with the words 14 must have apps for entrepreneur moms

Insight Timer

This is a meditation app, there are 27 thousand meditations for every possible need. I also like Buddhify but Insight Timer seems to have more variety. They also have music, courses and talks, some of which you need to pay but it’s inexpensive and a great way to dig deeper into a topic.

Meditation has been scientifically proved to help reduce stress, using the app makes it easy to fit a 10-minute meditation in. And there is such a variety you are bound to find the perfect match for you.

It also has meditations for kids!

Download Insight Timer here…


Over is brilliant for creating graphics on the go. I recommend going through the tutorials to learn how to use it properly and their newsletters are great too.

There are loads of beautiful graphics, fonts and images and videos to use plus templates. All the images on this post were created using this app. I did upgrade to the premium version because I found I was using it all the time.

They are constantly adding new artwork to it and are very conscious about being on-trend.

Get the Over app here…


I use this for audiobooks but they also have ebooks, magazines, papers and sheet music, for $8.99/month it is waaaay cheaper than Audible. If you sign up with this link, you’ll get 2 months free.

I have found that I am consuming far more books now, and we also listen to fiction books at lunchtime, it’s a delight!
Give me a shout if you want to know my favourite reads so far, I listed the top 5 on this post.


LastPass will take all your passwords, login URLs and usernames and keep them safe for you. You only have to remember one master password. This is a far safer system than say a google sheet or a notebook next to your computer!

Lastpass will also generate difficult passwords for you to use. If someone steals your phone, you are protected because to open the app it needs fingerprint recognition.

This is also worth upgrading to premium if you have a VA or outsource work where they might need access to your accounts, such as Pinterest or Twitter if you have a VA doing social media for you. You can give them access without them seeing your password and revoke access whenever you like.


Keep the Master Password somewhere safe, have extra copies because… there is NO PASSWORD RESET! If you forget it, that is it, you are locked out for-ever!

Ask me how I know… yep!

But, luckily I was still logged in on another device and managed to get back in that way *phew*

I will not be doing that again. I now have the master password tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. 😉

Get the Lastpass App here…

Google Drive

I am a big fan of Drive, I love that I can use it on any of my devices both online and offline. I use if for the majority of my work files and things like tracking and accountability with my mastermind group. Easy to use, clean, easy to share, whats not to love?

Google Photos

Terrified of losing all those photos on your phone?

Me too!

And since my phone is now my number 1 camera it is a serious worry.

I have an iphone and Google Photos which I have set up to sync with the phone photos. That means that everything I take ends up in the cloud on Google Photos.

Phone gets dropped down the loo, no problemo!

Photos are all safe! *phew*

womans hand holding a smart phone with iphone, with the words 14 must have apps for entrepreneur moms

Google Cal

I also swear by Google Cal, after switching 100% over to Google Cal, my life has become so much easier. I have several calendars set up and synced with my husbands so we both know what each other is up to and whether it is a bad time to call!
Pretty much everything else syncs with google cal too, it is a no-brainer app to use.

Google Keep

And whilst we are on a Google love fest, Keep is also a winner. Basically a digital post-it note. I use it for things like links that I often reference, product ideas, blog post ideas, anything that pops into my head that I want to keep somewhere safe.

You can also use this as a dictaphone which makes keeping your thoughts organized as you are on the go.


If you shop with your partner, set up a note in Keep and share it with them. Use Keep as your shopping list and the split up in the supermarket. As you add items to your trolley, check them off the list. You get through the weekly shop in twice the time!

I have a post explain exactly how we do it here. Once you get it set up, which doesn’t take long, you will be hooked!


Really, this is just a mediocre weather app but… it is hysterical if you are easily offended, it’s not for you but if you like an insulting weather report then you will love this!

Get it in the app store or in Google Play store…

What 3 Words

This is a really clever yet extremely simple idea. The whole world is partitioned into 3m square blocks and each block is assigned 3 random words. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, if you add your location the app can pinpoint you.

It’s been proven helpful for saving people caught up in the middle of forest fires and given those without an address and actual address that is usable and precise.

Have fun looking up where you are and try famous landmarks too! Watch the short TED talk to understand exactly how amazing this app is.

Get What 3 Words here…


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