Ready to scrape yourself off the bottom of the to-do list and join the Mamas Self Care Challenge?

In seven short days you will…


Start putting your needs first so you don’t feel like you are the bottom of the to-do list all the time. Making you feel great, more positive and ready to take on the world!
You’ll rediscover the old you (the one you lost when the kids came along) and you’ll get her out to play, she is so much fun! No more being ‘just a mom’. Start enjoying life again to the full, like you did back in day.
You will find time to pamper yourself, to slip in some well deserved “me time” instead of running round like a headless chicken! A headless chicken who looks like it’s been dragged through a hedge backwards!
You can enjoy your down time, guilt free! Rather than feeling guilty when you do get time to yourself and then wasting the time picking up toys and doing the laundry.
You will be the happy balanced mama you want to be, setting a great example to your kids rather than frumpy, grumpy mama that you feel like right now.

If you checked any of those boxes, come and join the Self Care Challenge.

We kick off Monday September 14th, if you have done any of my bootcamps or challenges before, you know it will be FUN (yes, I am the woman who made cleaning your kitchen fun!) and DOABLE. I’m a busy mama too so expect the challenges to come in bite sized pieces that can be easily applied and slotted into your already busy day.


What do I need?

Just yourself, no special equipment required!

How much time a day?

That’s the secret, you will be slipping these bite sized self care treats into your normal routine. You might need to carve out the odd 10 minutes here or there, or just spend less time on facebook!

What will it cost?

The course is free, you might want to buy the odd thing during the week but if money is tight, you can join in with what you have got.


Just pop your name & email in below, confirm by clicking the link in the email in your inbox and you will be joining the assertive, rock star mamas club. Heads up! I will never sell your email address and you will get my weekly playbook, filled with tips on how to become the best Rock Star mama you can be!