Back in February, I decided to commit to only listening and reading money and manifesting books and podcasts for the whole of March and this is how it went.

These days I find it quite difficult to sit down and read a paper book so the majority of these books I listened to. I use Scribd (get 60 days free with my referral link here) which is awesome, it’s a library of not just audiobooks but digital books, magazines, sheet music and more and costs less than $10 a month. Which is a darn sight cheaper than Audible!

I’ll link all the books to Amazon (affiliate link) to help you find them easily.

Why Money March?

How this all came about was because I listened to James Wedmore’s Mind Your Business Podcast – I love James, he’s so down to earth and fun to listen to. Anyway, he did a 3 part series “How to Get What You REALLY Want“. This led me down a rabbit hole with Kathrin Zenkina AKA the Manifestation Babe and somewhere I came across a book list. I had read several on her list but there were quite a few that I hadn’t.

Some of these books are from her list, some were mentioned within the books on the list and the others I had seen recommended elsewhere.

If you are thinking, Jo, this is too woo for me! Don’t panic, not all of them are woo, some are the opposite and one, in particular, is perfect for the science-brained, not-woo crew! I do like a bit of woo and try and embrace it but sometimes it just goes right over my head!

I will preface this by saying I didn’t get any kind of “money” education at school, I left school not having a clue how mortgages work, stocks and shares or any of that and it’s something I regret not spending time on learning earlier. At least now I can help/encourage my son to do things differently.

Rich dad, poor dad, what the rich teach the kids about money

Written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Available Here.

I have known about this book for years, I’m not sure why I never picked it up before now. This was probably the most enlightening of the books when it comes to how the rich become rich and stay super rich although a lot of the text is very repetitive I think that’s done deliberately to drive home the message.

He also talks a lot about his specific situation and how he uses property investments to make his money and it is sprinkled with stories, my favourite being how he and his best friend first tried to make money at the age of 9!

Since reading the book I discovered an online version of the Cashflow game which is free, and we have been playing as a family (you all need your own devices) There isn’t much help as far as rules go but through playing we have gotten better and better. Play the game here.

I also encouraged my husband ( who is more money savvy than me) and my son to read the books too so that we can plan and work together to start creating generational wealth.

The Richest man in Babylon

Written by George S Clason. Available Here.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. It was one I had seen/heard mentioned many times and well, it wasn’t what I expected!

I’m putting this in the same pile as The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (one of my favourite books and a MUST read). In that is a tale of old with timeless lessons woven into it. It is the story of the richest man in Babylon, the title kind of gives it away! How he started with nothing and what he did to become so rich.

The same principles that Rich Dad, Poor Dad talks about and applied in this book too, whether it be making money, losing money or repaying debts. I think this would be a great book to read together with tweens/teens and talk about each story as you go through it. Although I wasn’t expecting to, I really enjoyed the book.

The Science of getting rich

Written by Wallace D Wattles. Available Here.

I found this book a bit dry. It has the same message as the first two books in that anyone can work their way out of poverty if they understand the system and are willing to commit. (Before you try and fight me on this point, go and read the books).

There is also a big emphasis on how and why the government prefers to keep the masses poor and again talks about how if the masses understood the system enough, there would be a huge shift in wealth and power.

The law of divine compensation

Written by Marianne Williamson. Available Here.

This is more on the woo and spiritual side. I found this one to be tackling more the mindset and opening oneself up to change. How mindset and childhood conditioning can be keeping you at the wealth point that you are at and how working on uncovering those limiting beliefs can be the key to shifting the energy enough to allow the money to flow.

I haven’t read much of her other work so she kinda lost me in a few places, nor have I done a Course In Miracles which I think would have deepened my understanding.

Secrets of the millionaire mind: mastering the in a game of wealth

Written by T. Harv Eker. Available Here.

This was by far my least favourite of the books, it is read by the author and I found him VERY irritating! Yes, he gave some good points, most mindset and can-do attitude but I didn’t feel like anything was inspiring or eye-opening in this.

The awakened millionaire: a manifesto for the spiritually wealthy

Written by Joe Vitale. Available Here.

This one is for the woo-woo-wooey clan. Joe Vitale is out there in woo-land, he was a part of the movie, The Secret and has several books on manifesting. I have read a few of his other books and found this to be very much of a muchness. This one didn’t feel as name-dropping promotional as some of his others though.

If you are looking for something to guide you into spiritually tapping into the Universe, this is the read for you. The book is peppered with life-changing stories and his own rags-to-riches tales. I do like a bit of woo but this one is a bit too woo for me.

The source, the secrets of the universe, the science and the brain

Written by Tara Swart. Available Here.

Now, if you are looking for more science-based, provable information when it comes to tapping into the universe, then this is the book for you. As a doctor and having PhD in neuroscience she is well qualified in leading the way to how we can control and manipulate our brains.

I found this book fascinating, I might order the paper version because I’d like to refer back and do the exercises. She shared her theories with lots of research backing them up, and I am trying out her reading glasses theory because… well I don’t want reading glasses basically!

I love how she marries the theories from the woo side of things with the hard science in neuroscience.

In Conclusion

The message across all the books was basically the same.

  • If you want to become rich you need to understand the financial systems, and how the rich get rich and stay rich.
  • Mindset is a huge player, if you go into it with the idea that it won’t work for you, then it won’t.
  • Follow the 10% rule, no matter what, even when you are on the bones of your arse!
  • Know when every penny comes in and goes out, track everything. (I already do this thanks to YNAB – more on that here)
  • Journal daily.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Show gratitude daily.
  • Understand your money blocks, and how they show up for you and work on clearing them.
  • Work on YOU first.

I have read numerous other books on the subject, and the ones I love and recommend are any (all) of Denise DTs books, The Alchemist, Year Of Yes. The last two are not specifically money related but they are to do with manifesting and mindset.

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