Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging careers you can have, but being a productive working mom too puts it on another level. It can also be extremely rewarding and extremely draining. 

As a productivity coach I have worked with some amazing moms, these are the most powerful and practical habits of the most productive entrepreneur moms that I have worked with:

Productive Working Moms Need To Be Ninja Planners…

If you want to get ahead and get things done then you really need a plan. I’m not talking about the never-ending to-do list, I’m talking about a clear actionable plan that fits with your goals and that’s going to move you forward every single day. 

Often we get stuck in just trying to cross things off the To-Do List which keeps us busy IN our business and stops us working ON our business. With my clients, I use a Hit List which is a three-point to-do list. These are connected to your goals and get actioned first before anything else is tackled. Using this method means that you get more done and you move your business forward at a quicker pace.

Action Step: Each night write down the 3 things you need to do for your business the next day. 

Pay Attention to your biorhythmic Cycles to be a more prolific working mom

The current trend of hustle, hustle, hustle, and pushing through is very masculine and Not healthy. To be as productive as possible you need to listen to your own body.

You need to pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day, throughout the week, and throughout the month and year. Your menstrual cycle makes a difference to you and your energy levels which makes a difference to your productivity.

 By tracking your energy cycles you will soon understand when is the best time of day, week, and month to do certain tasks. Then you can schedule suitable jobs depending on your energy levels. 

For example, I know my brain is more awake in the morning than in the evening so I will do tasks such as writing and marketing earlier in the day and leave tasks I don’t need my brain for, such as graphic design to later in the day.

If you are a mom working with children at home then try and work their biorhythmic cycles into your day too. By paying attention to your own cycle and children’s needs you can schedule the right work into the right time rather than making it a battle every day. 

Action Step: To take your productive working Mom status up a notch start by keeping a diary. Note your energy levels throughout the day. After a while, you will start to see the patterns then plan accordingly.

Batch Everything

From a productivity point of view, switching from one task to another consistently means it takes you longer to complete the task than if you batch like-minded tasks together. What batching means, is to create your content in chunks rather than doing one thing at a time. 

If you are a blogger this might look like doing SEO keyword research for 10 blog posts and then writing blog headlines for those 10 blog posts. Then you would batch the image creation, sourcing photographs, or taking the photographs and editing.

When you start batching your content creation you are far more productive plus it is much easier to set up templates and processes for specific parts of the whole creation system.

This means that when your business gets to the point where you are ready to outsource you already have the systems in place making it a much easier job to pass off certain tasks. This is such a productive working mom boss move, the moms that I know that run million-dollar businesses, all have this and the next step nailed.

Action Step: Take 10 minutes and brainstorm which tasks can be batched. Then plan them out in your schedule.

Delegation and Outsourcing

For many moms that I work with delegation and outsourcing is a really hard task.

Many people leave outsourcing too late. I believe you should start to outsource as soon as possible. This can simply look like hiring a cleaner for 2 hours a week to help you stay on top of the house. Or having a babysitter take the kids off your hands one afternoon a week so that you can do some focused work.

It can also mean using a VA (virtual assistant) to take on tasks within your business.  VAs can be hired to do a whole host of jobs from scheduling, creating your social media posts, customer care, writing blog posts, bookkeeping, marketing… 

You name it there will be a VA out there that can do the task for you. 

I recommend hiring a VA to take over the tasks that either you hate doing or you’re not skilled at doing. It frees up more of your time to work on the parts of the business that you enjoy and that you are good at. Allowing you to work in your zone of genius will make you more money at the end of the day.

Action Step: If you haven’t started delegating yet, today is the day. Decide on one task you can delegate out to a family member or hire someone to do. If it is hiring, the first step is to find out the pricing, you might be surprised at how affordable it is! 

If you struggle to get your family helping out, I have some free training “How to delegate to your family without the use of chore charts or bribery” here

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Embrace your schedule 

Maybe, you are one of those who don’t like to use a scheduler stick with me. If you are struggling to have free time,  you have no time to spend with your children, or time for yourself then it really is sticking with a schedule.

 “But it doesn’t work for me!” 

I believe everyone can make a schedule of work for them. You just need to figure out the system that works best for you. We are all wired differently which is why I don’t believe in blueprints. 

It’s much better to spend some time testing and trying different methods until you find the right fit. 

Some people prefer to use an executive-type fixed scheduler. Others might like using the Bullet Journal system devised by Ryder Carroll. You may prefer paper or you might prefer digital or it could be, like me with a combination of both. 

By having a scheduler you will start to respect not only your own time but others will need to respect your time too. Your scheduler gives you the excuse to say no to anything that does not fit with your needs and gives you clear time expectations.

Moms often underestimate the time a task will take and overestimate the time they have to complete it. 

If you are a people pleaser or struggle with time management, get a scheduler system up and working, it will change everything for you.

Action Step: If you have tried a schedule before and it hasn’t worked, look at some alternative ways to make it happen. Choose one and test it out.

A Productive Working Mom puts herself first

We all know the benefits of self-care but putting yourself first has a much deeper and much more profound effect on your mindset. 

When you start putting yourself first you are much clearer on your boundaries and more likely to say no to things that do not serve you. It frees up your time and of course, there are all the health benefits that come with it too.

When you put yourself first you will show your children how to lead, how to be a strong mother, and how to be a strong woman. You are the shining example that many women of our generation never got to see.

There is nothing wrong with a little hustle when you need to, but the constant hustle and burning the candle at both ends it’s not something to brag about and burnout is not productive.

Action Step: What is something you most desperately need right now? Make that your top priority and make it happen. No excuses. For some quick self-care ideas check out this post and if creativity is something that fills your self-care bucket, this is worth a read.

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For the best results to be a super Productive Working Mom…

Bookmark this post, choose one option, and do the action step. When you have nailed that, come back and try another. 

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