It’s that time of year when you set new year’s goals and think of the new me resolutions. But the shocking thing is, a whopping 91% of people will fail!

That means only 9% of all people making setting new goals will actually achieve them.

How can you make sure you are one of them?

Before moving forward, look back

Setting new goals without looking back at the previous year. It’s easy to set new goals but if you don’t learn from the previous year’s mistakes how can you improve?

Questions to ask yourself…

  1. How can I make sure next year flows better than this year?
  2. What skills do I need to learn or improve so that I can perform better this next year?
  3. How was my income last year, did I hit my goals? Why/why not?
  4. Did I have enough time for myself last year? If not, what needs to change?
  5. How can I make sure I prioritize my relationships better?
  6. How can create better boundaries?
  7. What mistakes did I make last year and what can I learn from them?
How to plan for new year success

Get crystal clear on the outcome

Using vague goals means that you don’t have a clear outcome. And if you don’t have a clear outcome, you won’t have a clear path to take to reach it.

Here are some examples of good vs bad goals…

🚫 I want to lose weight
✅ I want to lose 10 kg by June

🚫 I want to earn more money
✅ I want to earn an extra $1000 every month

🚫 I want to travel
✅ I want to travel to Morocco and visit 3 new places in Japan

🚫 I want to learn Japanese
✅ I want to pass the JLPT 3 test before the end of the year

If your goal is vague you can’t turn your goal into a plan.

And a goal without a plan, is just a dream.

Setting up new year goal guide

Add a date to your goal setting

Once you know what your goal is, slap a date on it.

🚫 I want to write a book next year.
This is way too wishy-washy. Instead, write your goal like this…

✅ “I have written a book about my journey as an entrepreneur doula and how I achieved success using my own 6-step system. I will have the book finished by October 31st so I can launch it for Christmas next year.”

Write it out as a paragraph of exactly what you want and when you’ll achieve it by.

💡 Bonus tip! Write it as if you’ve already done it.

setting new years goals

Make your goal achievable and realistic

Say you earned $10k last year and want to hit 7 figures this year.
Is a cool $1,000,000 a realistic goal?
I’m not saying it can’t be done but realistically, unless you have an amazing way to scale and all the systems in place to get you there, is the 7 figure goal by the end of the year actually realistic?

The only way to find out is to dig into your results from last year and crunch the numbers.
What do you need to do to hit the goal?

💰Sell more of your ‘thing’.
💰Increase your prices.
💰Add another income stream.
💰Add a new high-value product

There are several ways that you can do it but also factor in the amount of time and energy you have to make the magic happen.

Your goal might be to free up more of your time. The same process that you use for money but with time as the focus, what can you do now to free up more of your time?

Get realistic with the ideas!

If you don’t do this step you don’t have a cat in hells chance with the next one.

setting new years goals

All you need now is… Baby Steps

Once you have completed steps 1-4

Then you can do the planning stage. Don’t expect the magic to happen just because see you set a goal and maybe created a vision board, under a full moon when your crystals were charging!

I’m all for throwing everything at it but I’m also insanely practical.

So follow these steps…

Look at your goal, now break it down. Remember to factor in the school holidays and family schedule etc… ← that is something else many people forget to take into account and then wonder why they don’t have enough time.

Then break it all down until you have easy bite-sized steps to do each day. Make that your priority each day and you’re golden.

This is a process I can help you with, as a productivity coach for moms I know how to make it all doable. You can work with me by becoming a Wonder Mom or if you want 1:1 time and group calls then SPARK Mastermind might be what you need.

Taking baby steps toward success

The cherry on top for setting goals and achieving them?

That would be accountability. It is so much easier to achieve your goals if you have somebody holding you accountable. That’s why all top sports athletes and business people have coaches. They are helping them deal with their mindset and keeping them on task.

Make sure you find the right accountability partner or coach though. If you have a great friend who has slacker tendencies… then this isn’t the person for you!


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