Stuck on what you can create as passive income streams?
Plug in your talents, passions and skills and the generator does the hard work for you. Hundreds of ideas, unique to YOU.

1. Sign up.
2. Fill in the Passive Income Idea Generator form.
3. It will spit out a long list of passive income ideas that fit with your skills, passions and knowledge.

Take that knowledge and run with it... but don't worry, you don't have to do it alone, you will also get a short training on how to check that the ideas that you choose can make money! 

And in Jo style, everything is broken down into easy, bite-sized steps. So no matter how busy you are, you can fit it around your family schedule. 

Jo Ebisujima is a best selling Montessori author and owner of The Wonder Mom Success Club - a membership site a place for multi-passionate entrepreneur moms to get support while building their business.

She built her business around her family, living and homeschooling in Japan. She “Follows The Child” in every aspect of her parenting journey.

She is a big believer in moms creating businesses that fuel their passions and ambitions and also allow the freedom to raise a happy, healthy family.

Jo loves to travel, get elbow deep in anything creative and eating cheese.

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