Out With A Bang – You Are In!

Congratulations, you took the first step to sending 2016 off with a bang!

An email will be winging it’s way to you soon, please check your spam and promos folder, they seem to gravitate to those, you might find a few odd socks lurking in there too!

So what happens now?

I’m so glad you asked…

First mark the challenge into your diary/schedule. We will kick off December 5th.

If you are a mom you’re invited to join the Moms That Rock group. Now, if you are not a mom, no worries, I can see that conversations about projectile vomiting, cooing over babies and how to juggle 1001 jobs at once might not be everyone’s cup of tea!


That said, we do spend more time talking about normal stuff too! In fact, projectile vomiting very rarely gets a mention!

But if that is the case, you can follow along with the challenge on my jojoebi Facebook Page (click and like it!) as I will be doing the FB live videos and sharing the daily challenge details on there.

You will also get the daily challenge in emails – whoop!

One more teeny weeny thing… challenges and accountability work sooooo much better when you have someone to play along with, of course I will be there to boot you up the bum to make sure you stay on task but just thing how much doubley fun it will be do do it with a friend.

So click on the image below, (it will open up in Facebook), then tag a friend (or 7 if you wish) in the comments for the video post and ask them to join the challenge. Heck no, don’t ask, throw down that gauntlet, like in times of old!

5 kaizen hacks
click me!


That is all for now! I will see you in your inbox and over on Facebook!

Jo xx