Out Of The Comfort Zone 3 Not To Be Missed Takeaways For Entrepreneurs

A few years ago I quit the whole new year’s resolution thing, it always felt like a waste of time since after a week whatever I had committed to was already down the pan! Then, I decide on a new idea, that instead of setting a goal I would just commit to pushing myself out of my comfort zone whenever the opportunity arose. As a shy introvert, opportunities abound! But the great thing was, things started to happen. I got invited to be a monthly contributor to a National Magazine, I was asked to guest post all over the place including Ikea Ideas magazine. All because I was pushing myself that little bit harder into the uncomfortable zone! Fast forward to January 1st, 2018 and I reconfirmed that I would continue to step up and step out of my comfort zone but I also added in a little bit extra, this year I would attend a live event! Now in my head, this live event would be a little meetup in Tokyo with 20 or so other people… how little did I know! No, in fact, the live event meant flying literally halfway around the world to Toronto to attend Stu Mclaren’s Tribe Live experience. And no it wasn’t 20 people it was more like 700! The whole experience was amazing, Stu really knows how to set the bar high and I was surrounded by the most amazing, generous and lovely people and met some lifelong friends, you know, those people that you just know deep down that you will be sitting in a bar in 20 years time recalling that weekend that you met. In a nutshell, Tribe is a course designed to help you build your membership site, that is why I joined but I got so much more out of it than that. Here are a few of my favourite takeaways…  

Moms Really Do Rock

I don’t know the actual numbers but I would hazard a guess that 50% of the audience at least, were female and out of that 50% a good chunk were moms. I met moms with 6 kids, moms with 3 little ones under 3 years old, moms with kids with disabilities and moms with teeny babies that they brought with them. The one thing that all these moms had in common was that family came first and that they were doing this whole entrepreneur shiz so that that could build a business around their family. Attending the conference was a way to help them build faster and with a sustainable business model. And if that meant bringing the baby along then so be it… Anna and her adorable 6-month-old were having a ball and she took immediate action by launching her program before we even left Toronto – moms kicking butt! Yes, it is hard to leave the kids at home (or drag them along) but at the end of the day these moms dropped all the excuses and showed up. It is so easy to hide behind the mom thing and use it as an excuse or prop on why you shouldn’t do something. Instead, we need to turn that thought around and use it as the excuse to do something. Build a sustainable business around your family and showing your kids how much you rock is much better for you and them, don’t you think? One of the many things I love about Stu is that he is 100% a family man, his family are clearly the most important thing in his life and he totally gets what it is like to build a business around them rather than “hustle, hustle, hustle” . Stepping out of your comfort zone and growing your business, 3 must have takeways for mompreneurs | entrepreneur | tribelive | kaizen | #comfortzone #mompreneur .

Everyone Has A Story

  Over the course of the weekend, I heard some incredible stories, losing family members, being poisoned for 3 years, bankruptcy and ending up in millions of dollars of debt, battling cancer or other life-threatening diseases. But no matter how dark the days got, each and every one of the people I spoke to had got up, brushed themselves down and carried on moving forward, even if it was just a tiny step each day. It would be incredibly easy to use these stories as excuses but instead, these stories are the catalyst for change. For me, it was the Great Tohoku Earthquake. I knew that I had to build a location independent business so that if everything did go wrong, we would always have a backup plan. On the final night, I was chatting in the bar when I received a message from my husband to say that there had been a big earthquake in Osaka. Not to worry, the family were all safe. It was a horrible moment but a good reminder that earthquakes and other natural disasters are exactly the reason why I was there. Your story doesn’t have to define you. Your story can make you stronger and help you find your path. . building a business around your family | entrepreneur | tribelive | kaizen | #comfortzone #mompreneur #stumclaren .

There Is More That One Way

Stu had quite a few different tribers on stage to share their stories and how they had to build their membership. The funny thing was that although Stu has a specific way to do things, there were quite a few people who said “Sorry Stu, I didn’t follow your way”. There were different reasons, some ran out of time to prepare everything so basically winged it. Others were not comfortable with the Stu method, maybe not wanting to do Facebook Lives or similar and did something different instead. But the running theme was that they all took action. A few said that the way they launched was messy and disorganized and certainly not perfect, which is a great message to the perfectionists out there. And it was also great to see that they were getting results even if they hadn’t got all their ducks in a row. Taking action, moving forward and making the magic happen.  

+1 Blow Your People’s Socks Off

  Stu and his team most definitely did that! Just before I left my husband asked me what I would be learning, I had no idea as there was no schedule. In fact on the first day, this is what our schedule looked like… Basically a weekend of awesome! Thursday we had an icebreaker scavenger hunt where we ended up doing some ridiculous things and had to post them on Instagram with the #tribelive2018 hashtag. Friday we had a full day with some amazing guest speakers and in the evening we were gifted t-shirts and they had hired a boat to take us across to an island for dinner and drinks overlooking the Toronto skyline. Everyone was loving it, taking lots of pictures and posting on social media with the tribe hashtag. Saturday was another full on day, starting with a free breakfast, lots of stories, live singer Felicia McMinn who had us all up and dancing, more interviews and networking. They did over-run this day and my jetlag was killing me so I found it a very long day! Sunday. More amazing experts, Stu face cookies and added extras. It really was one long party of fun and learning. Obviously, I was wowed by the whole thing but I also loved the way that his tribe was doing his marketing and social proof for him. The Friday night, for example, the whole thing must have cost a small fortune. (Last year he took everyone to the Blue Jays baseball match) but he got so much social media love, testimonials, social proof and photos/video footage back from that, I’m sure it was worth every cent to them to spend that money. With that, I will leave you with a challenge. What are you going to do that is going to push you out of your comfort zone? Let me know in the comments!

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