How To Praise Your Child The Montessori Way

There have been a lot of reports floating around the interwebs recently about how damaging it is to our kids and society when children are over praised. The Montessori way of praising is done in a way to build self esteem. Rather than “great job” or “well done” Montessorians focus on the job the child has completed.

For example:


Great painting of Grandpa! Would be phrased as You really captured the expression on Grandpa’s face!

Well done for coming first in the race! Could be phrased as You ran really fast, I could see you really pushed hard in the last stretch didn’t you?
Or just a simple “You did it!” is enough.
What we are aiming for is intrinsic motivation – being rewarded internally rather than extrinsic which where the child is motivated by rewards such as praise from parents, sticker charts, money, candy….
To make it easy to remember, there are 2 steps:
1. Observe what your child is working on
2. make a specific encouraging statement about it.
HOW TO praise the Montessori way-1

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