How To Create Branded Graphics With Visme

. The guys from Visme dropped me a line to tell me about the new fab updates they have added recently and asked me to do another review.  Hands down this is my favourite software for creating infographics, it makes it so easy to add blocks, beautiful graphics and icons (huge library) and my all-time favourite, branding is so easy! Not only that Visme can be used to make other content from scattered plot charts to flyers! I have battled with so many other sites where they might have great templates but they are not customizable. Or they have a variety of icons but they are not in the same style so it looks like your 6-year-old has made it for you. Visme will clear all those issues off your plate and… yes there’s more… when you first set up, pop in your branding colours and fonts and at a click of a button you have everything set up! I often get asked how I manage to do it all as a one-woman show. I do love creating graphics and ebooks but I am also a time ninja so templates are my best friend, setting up a template once then banging out several versions like these below is not only quick but it’s also fun! In the video I show you how I made these, they are for my Kaizen Revolution membership Site for Entrepreneur Moms, each month we have a productivity boost week and I wanted nice new graphics for the upcoming VIP launch. And did you take note of the super productivity hack right there? Yes, I created my graphics for the membership whilst I was making a review video that I could also use in a blog post! – I don’t mess around when it comes to utilizing time efficiently! . blue and yellow social media graphics with visme | entrepreneur | graphic design | kaizen | #visme #graphics #design #kaizen . Visme provides plenty of tutorials and help just in case you have no idea how to use the site but I think if you have used some kind of graphics software before it is all fairly intuitive. Have a quick look at their intro video then below you can look over my shoulder as I create several pieces of artwork: . .
  . .

Are you ready to see me in action?

. In the video I will show you:
  • Where to set up your branding information
  • A basic run through of what you can make using Visme
  • Exactly how I make my social media posts
  • How to make an infographic from scratch
Full disclosure: I did not get paid for this review/tutorial but I did get access to the Complete Plan. .
  . Now you have seen it in action you will want to know where to find out more, pop over to to sign up, depending on your needs you can get the basic version or join the subscription if you want to create more than just a couple pieces of artwork. They also have options for Educational institutes and Non profits. I am pretty much a team of one and prefer to do the graphics myself but if you prefer to out-source to a VA or maybe you create the templates and your VA puts your ebooks together then you can have team members added too. Below is the infographic I made in the video, it is for the Wonder Woman Success Path, part of the Kaizen Revolution and we have masterclasses on branding and making templates, once you have them under your belt, and now you know about Visme, you will become a branded Graphics whizz! If this was helpful and you know someone that could do with a bit of branding love for their business, please share this with them! Otherwise, I will see you over in Moms That Rock!

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