How Susan Made $1234 From Decluttering

One of the things I help busy moms do (and in this case grandmas) is decluttering their home so that keeping the home is EASY because who needs to be fighting with the kids, the husband and the house! No one, that’s who!

Today I wanted to share Susan’s story. Susan is a grandmother who takes care of her 4 grandchildren through the week and has an adult son who lives with her who has cognitive challenges, so she has her hands full!

Susan joined Clear The Clutter 2 years ago, her tale is pretty typical in that in the first year people tend to scrape off the top layer of clutter and over that time, work on the mindset issues. Believe it or not, the mindset plays a huge part in getting you out of that yo-yo decluttering situation and more into the zen master style of house-keeping. The second year is when the deep dive takes place and all that crap that you have been hanging onto for years, finally makes it out of the front door! And you finally reclaim your home, a place you want to spend time in.


How Susan Made $1234 From Decluttering Her House | declutter | organizing | closet decluttering | #kaizen #declutter #organize

Firstly let’s look at what Susan has to say about Clear The Clutter and then take a look at what she actually threw out and how much money she made (paying for the course several times over!)


It is truly amazing the difference your program has made in my home…

All the grandchildren now automatically pick up the toys before getting out a different one.  Your advice on having a home for EVERYTHING has helped them to remember where to put things.  They don’t have to be told what to do, which save so many meltdowns.  This leads to less work for me tidying up at the end of the day too.  They also know the routine in the morning.  Even though they don’t always like some of it, they carry out their responsibilities on time. 

My adult son who has cognitive challenges is helped by the orderliness in the home.  We have worked on a simple schedule for him to follow.

My husband STILL folds his clothes and places them on his chair (not on the floor like before).  He also folds his p.j.s and puts them away in his bedside table (again not on the floor like before).  In year 1 of CTC in the Bedroom zone, I just asked him to please do those things and he did, ever since!  I think he could see I had been clearing things out and wanted to get on board.  I am so glad he has kept it up.


How Susan Made $1234 From Decluttering Her House | declutter | organizing your home | how to declutter your home | kaizen | #declutter #organize #kaizen


Both husband and son now check the calendar on the fridge every day.  That started happening about 6 months into the first year of  CTC.

As for me, again I love the lighter feeling in my home.  I never really liked being at home much before but now I actually enjoy being in my home.  Before CTC I did know where everything was, it just took me forever to get to it. 

Before CTC I would have to move so much stuff out of the storage area/ closet or from a stash behind a door just to get to an item.  Now I can easily get to any item in my home.  I am more conscious of how much work an item will take to look after.  As a result, I am not quick to accept items that people are giving away.  Before I would have taken it and worried about where I was going to put it later. 

I also love that  I don’t have to rush around stashing lost items if someone wants to pop over.   


So many great points there!

Greatly reduced meltdowns, kids independently cleaning up, husband helping too and of course ALL these together means that Susan is less stressed, has more energy and can actually enjoy the time with the grandkids and her home.

I’m not going to whitewash it, it takes time and energy to actually get the work done, I’m good but I’m not your fairy godmother! But when you think of the time it has taken for your home to get into the state it’s in, it has often taken years. Clutter rarely happens overnight.

Think of your clutter as unwanted fat, you know what it’s like, a few pounds here, a few too many cream cakes there and before you know it you have gained a dress size or two. And you know as well as I do that getting those extra inches off is far more work than it was gaining it!

A 5-day detox helps kick-start the process but unless you change the habits that helped the inches creep on, you will never lose them again. Clutter is EXACTLY the same and just like spandex, you can do a quick fix by shoving stuff in the closet or chucking out a bag or two of junk.

But if you don’t change the habits that brought all that junk in, you will never have a clutter-free home.

Luckily for you, I fixed my own clutter situation and now have a system that has helped hundreds of women and because of the way that Clear The Clutter is set up, it is all done in kaizen (baby steps) to make it EASY!

I am all for easy!


How Susan Made $1234 From Decluttering Her House | declutter | organizing | closet decluttering | #kaizen #declutter #organize


Now, let’s see what Susan threw out…

A few months before starting CTC, I had read the Marie Kondo book.  Many of her ideas are not practical in a family situation.  The one thing I did take away was that I felt I now had permission to get rid of things instead of keeping them “just in case we might need it”.  So I started getting rid of some stuff.

The timing was right for me to join CTC after doing the Kitchen Boot Camp.  I was determined to make this the year I was going to get my house in order.  I had previously tried 2 other decluttering programs in the past, however, I found they didn’t work for me.  Jo’s CTC program is very effective and practical.  The missions are broken down so that they are realistic.  Jo’s accountability factor made a huge difference in my results.  

I started CTC on March 5, 2016, following are the results for one year.

The amounts listed below are from items I have hung onto for years.  I did not count the newer items that I also threw out. In the few months before CTC I had also gotten rid of an additional 19 Green Garbage Bags full of stuff.  

So while it was 55 bags for the one year mark, I actually decluttered 74bags in 15 months.  While it may seem my place was a tip, it wasn’t.  I had everything hidden in closets or behind a few doors.  

Full Green Garbage Bags 55, most of which were donations & about 5% was garbage.
A Large Wooden Toy Shelf

A Large Children’s Table with 4 Chairs

Large Totes (emptied and given away) x4

Medium Tote (emptied and given away) x1

Solid Wood Rocking Chair


A large Imitation Stained Glass window hanging

Money made from selling Stuff $810.00CAN

I also found cash twice while decluttering but can’t find the amounts. 


How Susan Made $1234 From Decluttering Her House | declutter | organizing | closet decluttering | #kaizen #declutter #organize


The second year of CTC really helped in getting out even more items I didn’t need and didn’t use.  I was able to make a decision a lot quicker on whether an item was staying or not.  The mindset definitely changed by following the CTC program.  I highly recommend it to anyone!  So without further ado, here are the totals for year 2 of CTC.

Items removed:

A wooden chair

A 35lb T.V.

A wooden desk

A very large double stroller

A child’s trampoline

Blue-Ray Player

Car seat

Large child’s easel

Large wagon with a tag-a-long

A Large Tote( that had been emptied)

A large piece of artwork (48″x26″)

Large laundry basket – 1

Large playpen (17 lbs)

92 lbs of my middle son’s trophies

28.5 green garbage bags of stuff, most of which was donated to a charity shop

I also made $424 Canadian dollars by selling items we no longer wanted.  

I am very proud of what I have accomplished with the help of Jo’s CTC program. My home feels so much lighter now and I don’t go into a panic if I have unexpected visitors. 


Susan did brilliantly and not only was she great at sticking with the program even when she had managed to finish other decluttering programs she was also a fantastic cheerleader for other members.


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