It’s no secret that moms play a huge role in families. This role is accompanied with an unending list of responsibilities which can get overwhelming at times or even downright crazy!

Then, there are these super moms who are actually able to accomplish being a mom together with a million other things! Now you wonder, what’s their secret?

Well, wonder no more! I reached out to several of my successful mom friends and asked: “What is your number one go-to that helps you as a successful mom get things done”? Here are some of their answers.

Self Care For Successful Entrepreneur Moms

For Laura, putting herself and self-care first, you have heard me harp on about this for years! Here is proof of the pudding…

“The number one thing that ensures I’m top of my game when it comes to my business, caring for and enjoying my family and my marriage is 100% prioritising self-care above all else. When I don’t do that we’re all diluted. It can be a challenge as obviously we all slip into putting our children or our spouses needs ahead of our own as it feels like a quick fix. The return on investment that putting self first gives is beyond anything else. It’s essential for us as a family. When I’m winning we’re all at our best.” -Laura Husson

Laura Husson -Intuitive Business Coach
Business Beyond Belief

If you need help finding time for you, check out this post.

Self-care comes in many forms and one of my favourites is all about saying NO! I know it’s hard to do but once you get the hang of it, it’s so liberating! Denise got on the no train once she discovered doing the same job with three kids in tow is no picnic! I love her motto!

“My trickiest thing was thinking I could do everything the same as I did pre-kids. Travel, conferences, work commitments.

I mean, you totally can but the logistics are harder. I felt like I had to lie to people about saying no. I didn’t want to admit that it was sometimes too hard with kids. Not impossible, just harder.

My best motto now is “I CAN but I CHOOSE not to”. That’s far more empowering than thinking I can’t or pushing myself to do things that complicate my life.

It’s okay to simplify during this season of life.”
Denise DT

Denise Duffield Thomas -Money Mindset Mentor
Lucky Bitch

Support Systems For Successful Business Moms

Having a great support system and surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people keeps you inspired to work hard and accomplish what you need to do. Here are some moms who share how the love and support they received from their loved ones, friends, and community helped them get things done.

For Prerna her husband is also her partner and she also encourages her daughter to help with planning, running the business is a family affair.

“For me it has to be my husband… Honestly, having a partner who supports me by sharing household chores, study responsibilities for our daughter and helps me plan my time as well is SUCH a blessing.

We’re partners in business AND in the house and that makes a HUGE difference.

In business, he takes care of all the marketing and sales strategy as well as client and contractor management which means I can focus only on the creative side of things.” Prerna Malik

Prerna Malik – Copywriter
Content Bistro

And Julia knows the importance of asking for help, it takes a village! But so very often we try and struggle through on our own and wear it as a badge of honour, along with the bags under the eyes and unwashed hair. There really is another way, and easier way…

“Easy! Asking for help! Forget being a superwoman who does it all. It takes a cast of thousands ?” -Julia Jones

Julia Jones – Doula Coach
New Born Mothers

Rachel also believes in getting help where you need it and playing to your strengths (and delegating things that you are not so great at). This is why setting up systems and processes are so important, once you have them set up, delegation is much easier. Playing in your zone of genius make your work easy and fun!

mom holding a cup of tea while sitting on her office table

“…education, community, a coach, clear goals/plan/action, playing in the zone of genius.” Rachael Pickworth

Rachel Pickworth -Women In Business Coach
Woman On Purpose

Pretty mom smiling holding a folder

Successful Moms Are Organized

Taking care of ourselves and being surrounded by supportive people is only the beginning. Of course, to get things done, we need to plan and take action! Here are moms who shared exactly how to do that effectively. Maggy runs Red Ted Art and has 2 million followers on Facebook, she needs to keep of top of it all.

“I think the simplest tool I use is the age-old “to do list”… I also have a set of daily and weekly tasks that I do routinely.” -Maggy Woodley

Maggy Woodly -Kids Craft Blogger
Red Ted Art

Don’t fall into the trap of “woe is me” self-pity party. I know many, many amazing moms kicking butt despite their circumstances. Such as Sue, who has some health issues and being a single mom, she still runs her business and is one of the top Horse and Dog photographers in the country. Being organized helps her run her business around the kids.

“I’m organised I plan everything to make the most of my time, I use a good old fashioned diary ? I also get up an hour early every morning to do some exercise or write, meditate, read, visualise … some me time. I have an exercise bike in the living room so multi-task watching tv and exercising! I also make sure I do activities with the children that are energetic ie mountain biking, climbing, netball so spend quality time and exercise.” -Sue Westwood

Sue Westwood -Horse photographer
Horse Photographer UK

It’s also important to find the techniques that work for you and then stick with them, tweaking to make them better is fine, but if it isn’t broken, there is no need to fix it. Suzi and I are very much on the same page here, I call mine a Hit List, maybe it’s the sadist in me! But it amounts to the same thing, decide what need to happen and focus on that first and foremost.

“Having a priority list instead of a to-do list so I only focus on the things that really need to happen and eliminate everything else.”
Suzy Ashworth

Suzy Ashworth -Mindset & Business Coach
Suzy Ashworth

open planner

How Successful Moms Use Goals To Get Things Done

Marcela takes the goal system to another height, as a mama of twins she needs to stay focused to hit her goals, I love that she narrows that down to just one goal.

“Prioritization. I have one major yearly goal ONLY and 3 main tasks to accomplish per week.
Once those things get done and goals accomplished, I move to something else. Otherwise, I don’t. Focus is the key for me.”
-Marcela Macias De Hadzimehmedi

Marcela Macias De Hadzimehmedi -Branding Photographer
Marcela Macias

Now I’m sure there are some single moms out there feeling a bit out of sorts, well you have a superhero too, Gemma has one heck of a story from being a single mom with a little baby to how she is now one of the leading business strategists for women in the UK. (and also recently happily married)

Like myself, she uses the 90-day planning system and tweaked it to fit her needs, I am a big fan of the 90-day plan, for those who have trouble with long term goals it means you can make an incredible amount of progress in a short amount of time. To get started with it it, grab the cheat goal planning cheat sheet below.

“90 Day Planning System*, without a doubt. I’d be lost without it!
I designed it myself after being inspired by The 12 Week Year, and it was the first plan we that worked for me. I teach it to all of my clients too.”
-Gemma Went

Gemma Went -Business Consultant and Strategist
Gemma Went

If you have ever watched Rachel Miller live, you know what a fireball of energy she is, she is also a mom of 6 and speaks regularly at events. She also confesses that she struggles with the organization but she is a woman on a mission and knows how to get things done. This is her top-secret…

“Timer.  Give yourself a set amount of time to get something done.  Deadlines can be so motivating!” -Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller -Facebook Strategist
Rachel Miller

In anything that you do, having a concise plan and effectively managing your time will be beneficial in getting rid of that to-do list. In the Wonder Mom Success Club, we have a planning system that will help you become more productive! It’s an amazing system once you get into the swing of it! As an added bonus, you also get to be a part of a tight-knit community of strong and powerful moms! Interested? Find out more.

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