Running a business as a mom can time consuming, can’t it? With so many responsibilities like family, business, and keeping everything on track, it’s a wonder we don’t spin off into space. 

But here’s the good news: text-generated AI applications like chatbots and language models can help make life a little easier for us business-owner moms!

Think about it, chatbots can take care of customer service inquiries so you can focus on other things. And language models can help you whip up content like blog posts and product descriptions in a jiffy! It’s like having a trusty sidekick who always has your back and never phones in sick.

Not only do these AI applications save time, and if set up correctly, they also improve the customer experience. Quick and accurate responses from a chatbot can boost customer satisfaction and language models can create personalized and engaging content to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there are some downsides to consider too. AI applications may not always get the intricacies of human communication, and they can be complicated to set up and maintain. Plus, operating them requires a certain level of technical know-how. But often it is a matter of set and forget.

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But ChatGPT AI is not just chatbot 

AI text generators can help you with many other things, here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Content creation and generation, such as articles, stories, and poems
  • News summaries and article rewriting
  • Product descriptions and customer reviews
  • Marketing and advertising copy
  • Social media posts and chat messages
  • Email responses and customer service scripts
  • Translation and language generation
  • Video game dialogue and NPC interactions
  • Song lyrics and music composition
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Financial reports and analysis.
  • Educational materials, such as summaries, flashcards, and question-answer pairs
  • Voice-over scripts for videos and animations
  • Technical documentation and user manuals
  • Poem and quote generation for greeting cards and gifts
  • Email newsletter content
  • Interactive story and game scripts
  • Screenplays and movie scripts
  • Interview transcripts and podcast scripts
  • Job advertisements and job descriptions
  • Customer feedback analysis and sentiment analysis
  • Automated storytelling and narrative generation.

How the Wonder Moms can use ChatGPT

Although these text AI bots have been around for a while, Jasper made big a big splash a couple of years back, I have used too, very much of a muchness. Canva has one in their docs section and AI art tool too. It wasn’t until ChatGPT opened its doors to the public at the end of November 2022 that most folks got to hear about it.

Breaking all kinds of records Chat GPT hit over a million registered users in a week! Needless to say, their servers have been strained and sometimes it is difficult to access. If you have problems getting on, be patient and keep refreshing the window!

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I have been testing it out using examples that my Wonder Moms could use in their businesses.
Here are a few examples:

Use AI For Product Descriptions

This works brilliantly, especially for fellow creatives who are brilliant at making things but words aren’t really their jam. Once you know how to work the AI tool and give it suitable information and keywords, not only can it name your ‘thing’ but also write a product description that works in the SEO keywords too.

Eye Catching headlines

Once you have your content but then you are stuck on writing an attention-grabbing headline, feed the info into the AI text tool and let it do the hard work. I recommend asking for 6 or 8 headlines so that you can pick the best from all those that are recommended.

AI-generated Blog Posts

Having experimented with this, I can tell you that if you ask the AI tool to write a blog post on (a specific subject) without any structure you will get around 500 words of general drivel.

But If you break it all down, Ask for a blog outline, then get it to generate text for different parts of the outline, maybe digging deep on the specifics, and then from the content you have generated, go back and get it to write an introduction and concluding paragraph, you will end up with an OK post.

BUT, it will need editing and fact-checking as the AI tools can not be 100% relied upon factually. 

If you suffer from writer’s block, this is actually a really good way to get you going as the AI tool will often come up with ideas and angles that you hadn’t thought about.

Social Media Posts

The bain of my life, I have no problem creating images but captions can take me forever to craft. Now I can speed things up by getting the AI tool to do the work for me. Obviously, it always needs some editing and tweaking. The AI bot can save time and works great when you are bulk-creating content.

One thing that works well is giving the command of what type of tone of voice you want the output written in. If the output doesn’t sound like you, then play around with this until you find one that works.

Using AI to write emails

I have found this one to be quite good with a little editing to be done, but you do need to plug in the necessary information to start with, which, takes a bit of time so you might be better off just writing it yourself from the offset!

I can see it being helpful if you have a sales email or similar to write and you want to check all the boxes in how it should be written.

Can you use AI to write a book?

You could. 

Would it be any good? 

That’s out for debate.

I think AI tools should be used as that, tools to help you create and craft something better, not as a tool to replace a human. As a creative person, I would rather see what fellow humans have created rather than machine-generated information or art. 

I don’t think AI is smart enough just yet to write a convincing book, whether that be a novel or something non-fiction but… it is still learning so it’s only a matter of time.

One the teachers will love…

Creating lesson plans. Although not perfect and you do have to play around with the wording when you do the input to get the right output. AI text bot can pull together some pretty cool lesson plan ideas. That being said, you still have to create the stuff you need for the lesson. The AI can save time, and it is a great tool to draw on, pulling up ideas you might not have thought of.

And the one teacher will hate?

Can AI write your student’s homework for them?

Yes. But here’s the thing, it might not be accurate and it definitely isn’t ethical. 

AI is great at scraping data from the internet to put together a history paper but it can’t write anything accurately that has happened in the last couple of years or predict the future. Obviously educational institutions are worried about students hoping onto the likes of ChatGPT to get their homework written for them. That is where GPTzero comes in. Developed by a Princeton student, Edward Tian developed some software that can spot AI written text.

This might also be a good thing in terms of testing as educators are going to have to come up with different ways to test students’ knowledge and ability. 

Can AI be used just for fun?

Absolutely, here is a little haiku ChatGPT wrote for you…

In conclusion, Is it worth the time to learn to use it?

Yes. It is worth having a play with at least. AI can save you time. But I do think you need to go in with the idea that 

  1. It’s not perfect (at least not yet)
  2. It is a tool to help you not replace you

We have calculators to help us with math so why not AI to help with language? But let’s keep it as a tool because so much would be lost if humans stopped creating, whether that is art, music or writing.


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