I love the Montessori style three-part cards, I think they’re a really great teaching tool. But I also feel like they don’t get utilised as well as they could. And if I have spent time making something, I want to get the most out of it. Not spend 3 hours for it only to be used once or twice! 

Today, I’m going to share three extra activities that you can do with your Montessori style 3 part cards.

Assuming that you have already used the three-part cards in the traditional way. And I’ve got a blog post explaining how to do that HERE if you need to learn that technique. 

And if you haven’t yet dived into the amazingness of Montessori 3 part cards, I have some in the shop here to get you started.

What to do next with your Montessori style 3 part cards…

Maybe your child just needs a little bit more practice with them or you’ve got multiple kids and want to make more use of the cards. Watch the video or if you prefer to read, scroll on down…


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The Shopping Game With Montessori Style 3-part Cards

My son loved this activity when he was little.

You need a little basket and a set of cards. Hide the cards around the house or the classroom or wherever you are. 

Then your child comes to you and asks what you need from the shops. 

You can tell them “Oh, I need some shiitake mushrooms”. 

Then off they’ll go off and find the shiitake mushrooms, puts the card in the basket and then comes back to give it to you. 

If it’s correct, you take it off them. And ask for something else.

If it’s not, you tell the name of the card they bought then send them back to the ‘shops’.

This is great for memory and concentration skills. You can start with your one item, but as they get older or they get better at the game, you can start adding more things to the list. 

This is also a brilliant game if your child needs your attention but you also need to get some work done, as you don’t need to sit and supervise the whole time when you play. 

If you have more than one child, assign one as the shopper and the other putting in the order. This frees your time up so you can get on and be doing something else or you can be doing it while you’re working. 

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How To Use Montessori Style 3-part Cards For The Memory Game

You must have played this when you were a kid, you have pairs of cards and you turn them with the image face down and then you turn one and then the another to make a pair. 

This is a great way of using the cards. 

But… when you turn the cards over you must name the card this is what makes is such a great teaching tool as the kids are automatically repeating themselves as they play.

The repetitiveness of reading out the card, and memorising and recalling the name of the card as you turn it over. 

There are different rules, you might want the winner of a pair to take another turn or it might pass over to the next player. Just be sure to lay out the rules before you start.

At the end, you count up the pair’s, the one with the most pairs is the winner. 

Again, this is a game that you can play with mixed ages and mixed abilities and the great thing about this is that it can be played any time, it doesn’t have to be in “homeschool” time.

We found it to be a fun way for Daddy to see what our son had been learning during the week when we played at the weekend.


Big Movement Game using Montessori Style 3-part cards

Now this one is really good, especially if you can’t get outside or your kids need some kind of big movement activity as well. 

You’re going to make a board game using the cards. 

To make it more fun and to last a bit longer, I used to add in our My Daddy Is A Pretzel Yoga Cards. Or make your own with something suitable for your kids ability. Stand on one leg for 30 seconds. Do 10 press-ups. Do the Heads, shoulders, knees and toes dance.

On the floor create a path using the 3-part cards and the yoga cards (or make your own movement cards) and add a start and finish. If you want to get really fancy you can add in snakes and ladders too but I would start simple.

Then you need a dice and some counters of some description. Player one rolls the dice, and moves their counter forward.

When they land on the 3-part picture card, they need to do is name the card. If they get it wrong, they have to go back to where this back to their last space.

Or if they land on a movement (Yoga) card, they have to do the action, whatever it is. Then the next player takes a turn. The winner is the one to get to the end first.

Make sure the rules are clear before you start. Keep it as simple as possible, the more complicated the rules the easier it is for arguments to start.

Mix things up by doing janken (rock, paper, scissors) instead of using the dice.

This is a fun game, it’s not a quiet game. But it’s a good one to get some movement and practice their vocab. Plus there is a bit of math in there too. Once the kids have played a few times, let them set up the game.

montessori style 3 part cards with mushrooms on a wooden floor

BONUS – Get The Kids Creating A Game

Finally, a bonus for you!

Get your kids to come up with games of their own. Kids are really creative. And if you can get them to invent their own game, and play it together it opens up all kids on other doors.

What happens when you get kids to play or create their own games is they’re learning about, strategy and rules, and why you need rules in place. How to set rules and why something does or doesn’t work. 

They might come up with a game, which sounds great but when they play for some reason, it doesn’t work. So it’s also a problem-solving activity as well. 

It’s a really, really good way to get your kids thinking creatively thinking outside the box. Problem-solving as well as creating their own fun.


  1. The shopping game.
  2. Memory game.
  3. Giant board game

And your bonus, get the kids to make their own games too.

If you are spending time, money and effort into making or buying Montessori 3-part cards, then you should be getting the most out of them too. Have fun with them. Because if kids are having fun with what they’re learning, they’re going to be lifelong learners. And that’s what we really want.

You can buy my cards here. If you get my best selling Montessori Inspired Activities book, send me a message with evidence that you own the book and I will send you a bundle of cards for free!

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