I’m super excited to share with you this new resource of free geography worksheets for kindergarten and elementary aged kids. I taught kids for years and so I know that it can be difficult for parents to create suitable lesson plans if they have had no teacher training.

I also know, being a productivity coach for moms that mostly people just want free printable worksheets which will help their kids with critical thinking, learn about various subjects and learn in a fun way. Lucky for you, I love making educational resources and my passion for travel and living in different countries has led me to creating 193 Little Adventures (I’ll tell you more about that in a moment) and the brand new 193 Little Adventures free printables library.

a poster for free Geography Worksheets for Kindergarten kids. Shows the mexico freebie and flowers

Not Just A Collection of Geography Worksheets

As much as I would love to just sit around making world geography printable activities all day, I do have other things I have to do. So I have committed to adding one or more new geography activity pdf files to the library each week. The printables will be focused on geography and culture. From physical geography to earth science, coloring sheets, printable maps and flags of the world, Native Americans and other indigenous tribes, festivals, traditions and anything else that will help children get a better understanding of the world.

The content is aimed at kindergarten student level through to 5th grade elementary students, I don’t really like to slap an age on it because kids, as we know, all develop at different speeds. Plus I know that we have several 193 Little Adventures Club Members who use the packs to make learning in English fun as their child develops their second or third language.

Overtime I plan to spend time with growing library of high-quality free resources to help young learners learn about different continents and countries of the world.

a poster for free Geography Worksheets for Kindergarten kids. Shows the animals of asia freebie on a jungle background

You can sign up for the library below but first…

What is 193 Little Adventures Club?

I’m glad you asked! 

It’s a club where we go on an adventure to a new country every month. 

Are you in? 

What you need more details?

I’d be so easy to kidnap, all they’d have to do is show me a plane ticket with my name of and I’d be right there!

Anyway, back on point. On the first on the month we send out a digital pack to a new country that the club hasn’t yet visited, no one knows where we will be going, except those on the 193 team. It is top secret and that is part of the fun.

Years ago I went inter-railing around Europe with one of my best friends. This was before the days of the internet. We had a Lonely Planet Guide book and no plan. We rocked up at the train station, looked at the board… hmmm Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, which do you fancy?

And that is how we travelled. It was so freeing not knowing where you would be the next day or having to worry about plans, it was a bit crazy but we had a lot of fun, visited some amazing places, until we got robbed on a night train. But that’s a whole other story for another day. It certainly didn’t stop my adventuring and passion for travelling, that’s for sure!

a poster for free Geography Worksheets for Kindergarten kids. Shows the pages of antarctica freebie on a glacier background

What’s in the pack?

My approach is different to the usual teacher style geography worksheets, where the intention is to memorise the state capitals or other pointless box checking activity. I have worked all over the world and my personal belief is that if younger kids got to learn about different cultures then it would help curb the hatred and bullying that goes on in the world.

And so my goal is to make geography fun, to have some practical skills such as map reading and analytical skills, where the kids review the information they have been given by solving problems and working out puzzles. But also the human side, to learn about religion, festivals and traditions. To show that every country and culture has it’s own fun and weird quirks.

To do that, in each pack we visit four (usually) different regions or major cities and focus on something such as an historical event, a festival, a place of nature or a cultural activity. Younger kids will often be satisfied with the amount of information they receive from the pack but sometimes older kids, 3rd grade or older, might want to have further exploration and do some extra research.

Although the packs are not strictly Montessori I do keep the Montessori philosophy in mind and the packs are colour co-ordinated to match the Montessori continent colours. So they can easily be used with you Montessori curricculm.

We also include in every pack, these are the recent packs, we have tweaked the content over time from club members feedback:

  • Montessori style 3 part cards
  • Map
  • Flag
  • Child friendly recipe from the country we are visiting
  • A festival or celebration
  • A travel itinerary for our trip
  • Country based bunting
  • Flags to use in the bonus sticker book
  • Passport stamp

Plus, yes there is more!

Through the course of the month you will also get a postcard from Hana and Diego and an extra bonus with some puzzles or interactive activities to get the kids back into it or to use as a review and add to your culture shelf.

Sign Up Bonuses

That lot above is what is delivered monthly, we also have some bonuses for when you first sign up. This is because if you join early in the month you might have a wait until the next adventure starts. So, I wanted you to to have something to get started with right away.

When you join 193 Little Adventures Club you get:

  • Free printable passports – print as many as you need for your family
  • Flag sticker book – flags are found in the back of every pack
  • Habitat playscapes – to learn more about biomes
  • My World – a Montessori lesson where, through visual learning the child can see where they fit in the world
  • Tutorials – this is for the parents, extra help so that you can feel confident and comfortable teaching (guiding) your kids
a poster for free Geography Worksheets for Kindergarten kids. Shows the pages of ireland freebie on a green background

Who Are Hana and Diego?

They are the 193 guides. They take you on your journey through the new country and they are joined each time by a local guide too. This is where you learn about some of the personal insight such as what kids eat for school lunch or how a particular festival is celebrated by their family. Bringing a more personal touch and childlike connection to the pack.

As you can see the 193 Little Adventures club is way more than just country worksheets! My goal is for fun learning and the students’ understanding of the world they live in.

a poster for free Geography Worksheets for Kindergarten kids. Shows hana and diego in the jungle

How do I join?

It’s easy, just pop over to the 193 Little Adventures Club page and sign up there. The next adventure starts on the 1st (Japan time) Why? Because I’m based in Japan, yeah, I came for a year of travel back in ’98 and I’m still here! Oops.

Get access to the 193 free resource library here:

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