How to find time to do everything

I have worked with hundreds of women over the last few years and the biggest complaints that I hear is that they don’t have enough time.   The truth of the matter is that it’s not that they don’t have enough time, it’s that they are trying to do too many things in the time that they’ve actually got. Moms are especially guilty of this because they are trying to multitask and fit in all the mom jobs and the childcare and their work and everything else, in a ridiculously short amount of time.   Today I want you to share three tips that you can apply today to create more time and space so that you are able to work more effectively and efficiently and do the jobs to a higher standard. When we all rushed for time we tend to do things a bit sloppy or we simply don’t get the job finished.   Using the Kaizen approach, that is to say doing a little bit everyday to improve your life, you can easily start making changes that will make your life easier by following these three steps.   how to find time to do everything | child with mop | Mompreneur | #kaizen #productivity #timemanagement   Secrets To Fix Work Life Balance   I won’t start my work/life balance rant here, if you want to know what I think, you can read more here. There are a lot of jobs that we do out of habit and a lot of things that we do for the sake of doing them. We don’t really think about these job because we’ve been doing them for as long as we can remember. Plus we have been raised to believe these jobs are important. Let’s take ironing for example, back in the day ironing needed to be done because of the fabric that all clothes were made out of and because of the way of thinking thanks to the Victorians. (Even they weren’t the first, even as far back as the Egyptians there was some kind of ironing going on!)


Back to the Victorians, unironed clothes even unironed newspapers were seen as a lower-class thing. So our grandmothers and great-grandmothers believed in ironing everything because it was instilled into them that you were of a higher class if you did.  But of course since then fabric has developed and there are many fabrics these days that don’t need ironing at all. Hurrah! In fact   If you are in the habit of ironing everything then it’s time to step back and take a look at what you are doing, ask yourself if everything that you are ironing actually needs ironing or whether it can be just folded and put away. There will probably be items in your wardrobe that do need ironing, but when you take a good look at what you have in your ironing basket you might be surprised at the extra work that you give yourself. Tea towels anyone?  


Always look for easy care clothing when you are buying everyday clothes. Hang clothes as soon as they are dry to allow the wrinkles to drop out. More tips on how to hang your clothes on Cosmo   Ironing is just an example, what I suggest is that you think about all the jobs that you do around the house and rank them in necessity. Are you doing them because you absolutely need to do them or are you doing them because you have been raised to believe they need to be done or are you doing them purely out of habit.   Action Step:   Think of one job that you can now release because it is no longer a necessity.   how to find time to do everything | Let it go | Mompreneur | #kaizen #productivity #timemanagement  

Clever Delegation Solutions To Get The Family Helping At Home

  Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean that you have to do all the jobs around the house. Especially if you are working. I’m a big believer that everybody who lives in the home should pitch in and help with the running of the home, it should never fall on to the shoulders of just one person.   It can be difficult to get the other family members on board so we can start off small and  delegate just a small task to each family member to take it off your plate.   Often mom’s fall into the trap of believing that it’s easier just to do it myself rather than nag or get somebody else in the family to do the job. We need to change that mindset both with moms and with the family members.   Action Step   First make a list of the small jobs that you want to delegate, it could be taking the rubbish out or putting the dishes away after dinner or drying off the shower with the squeegee to prevent mold. None of these jobs take up much time but they are all jobs that take YOUR time.   Next, get all the family together and explain that you are struggling to get everything done and that there are just simply not enough hours in the day for all the little jobs that you need to do. And that you need the family to help you out.   Emphasis that you are just asking them to do one quick job.   Ask each member to choose one job off the list, that will now become their responsibility.  Asking them to choose is putting the decision in their hands, you are more likely to get a positive response than if you dish out the job.   The secret on getting this to work is to just ask each person to do one job (for now). Then is a few weeks you can ask again for them to take on another job.   Don’t think that your toddler can get out of this either there are plenty of jobs your toddler can be helping with and it is better to train your toddler from the offset to be a contributing member of the family than it is to try and get a teenager to do jobs when they’ve never have to do them before.   Toddlers can help with the laundry, matching socks, folding t-shirts and the such like, they can help setting the table, feeding and looking after pets, watering plants. Often they just need to be shown how to do it and what to do if they accidentally make a mess. The big plus is that toddlers love it! If you need help with your toddler, there is more info over here   TOP TIP Do not offer any kind of reward or bribe for doing the job, you don’t get paid for the house work neither should they. They are part of the family and should be contributing as a member of the family. No one needs to get paid or rewarded for doing something as part of the family.   how to find time to do everything | Team | Mompreneur | #kaizen #productivity #timemanagement  

Weird But Effective Tricks For Time management

  Many of the moms that I work with are able to schedule the jobs that they need to do into the day but they don’t consider how long a specific job takes. The biggest mistake that most people make is that they underestimate the time a job or task will take and then if you are doing that with several jobs throughout the day, it has a snowball effect.   So at the end of the day when you were hoping to sit down with your glass of wine and Netflix, the sad reality is you’re still doing the laundry, replying to emails and wading through all the paperwork from school.   To conquer this you need to track the time it takes for each of your jobs or tasks so that you have a real life example of the time taken so that you can schedule your day better.   This will make a huge difference in your time management skills and you will start to see where you are wasting time and where you need to be more time efficient. Once you have this down you can start working on blocking time methods and other time management skills.   If you work online a lot then try using an app such as Toggl that will track your time spent on different apps and pages on the internet so that you can see where your time is being spent.  

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