I’m a big believer that if more was taught about culture, religion and traditions from around the world to kids then there would be less hate and fear in the world today. When we travel, I love to find out about the local traditions, those little celebrations that are unique to a particular town.

It’s that love of the quirky traditions that lead me to great the Festivals Around The World packs (available here on Teachers Pay Teachers or here on Etsy)

No matter where you are in the world, there is a lot of variety in traditions not only from culture to culture but also from family to family. 

It’s fun to learn about what other countries do and then try them out with your kids at home. It helps kids understand and get curious about other people and expand their world views, even if you can’t travel to the celebration yourself.

Here is a list of books that I found to be helpful for teaching children about traditions from around the world! If you need help finding books that are the right level for your child, this post will help.

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Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World

by Selby Beeler

We love this book! It’s so fascinating to find out what other cultures do when a child loses a tooth.

We found it interesting to see where the traditions have been carried to as countries got colonized. And how there are so many similar traditions in different parts of the world but then some are so different! 

My son is a mixed-culture kid, and we had great discussions about tooth fairies over here on his British side (his Japanese friends couldn’t believe he got money for his teeth!) because Japanese kids throw their teeth under or over their house.

I’ve bought and recommended this book to numerous people over the years, and yes, it checks all the boxes when it comes to beautiful illustrations.

Available here on Amazon

Children Just Like Me: Celebrations! 

by Anabel Kindersley

What I love about these books (there are several in the series) is that it features photos of real kids. So the children can really relate to the images.

Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley have put together this beautiful book that captures the colour, vibrancy, and uniqueness of children’s festivals around the world. For 12 months they travelled to different countries across the globe so they could hear stories from children about their own celebrations or those events where families come together. There are tons of stunning photos with captions containing small bits of information for readers who wish to learn more as well! 

This is a great read – it’s more of a dip in and out of the type of book rather than reading it cover to cover. Works well with project work.

Available here on amazon

Celebrations Around the World: The Fabulous Celebrations you Won’t Want to Miss 

by Katy Halford 

Embark on an exciting journey through the most interesting and important festivals, celebrations, and holidays enjoyed by people around the world. Stunning original illustrations will inspire you with captivating facts about cultures from countries all over the globe! Witness a camel marathon in celebration of one desert’s barren beauty; taste some delicious dumplings to celebrate another country’s rich heritage. The pages are bursting at seams with vibrant colours as each page is covered in details that kids adore: Hummingbirds buzzing among lush green leaves – which happen to be coconuts for festive coconut trees everywhere- camels chasing away sand devils across rugged landscapes… There are so many things awaiting discovery throughout these pages!!

Young readers will love poring over artist Katy Halford’s beautiful illustrations, which showcase every celebration in absorbing detail. Engaging factual writing introduces young readers to the most interesting aspects of each celebration, from the costumes worn to the food eaten and encourages an understanding of other cultures and religions.

Available here on Amazon

What Do You Celebrate?: Holidays and Festivals Around the World 

by Whitney Stewart 

Throughout the world, every country has its own special celebrations. From Brazilian Carnival and Chinese New Year to France’s Bastille Day or our very own Fourth of July- What Do You Celebrate? presents 14 occasions where people dance, and dress up in costumes for fun traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation!

This wonderfully colourful and informative book about holidays around the world is a must-read for any fascinated child. 

You should be aware of some of the things that are mentioned in this text:

The Guy Fawkes holiday page mentions that “thirteen men plotted to blow up a government building.”

The Holi holiday page mentions an evil king trying to have his son killed, and the son’s sister trying to kill him by holding him in a fire.

The Purim holiday page mentions an evil prime minister planning to “kill all the Jews.”

I think these topics were explained appropriately for most children in the targeted age range but depending on your child you may want to be prepared to answer the questions or dive into the information a bit more deeply.

Available here on Amazon

A Year Full of Celebrations and Festivals: Over 90 fun and fabulous festivals from around the world! 

by Claire Grace 

Imagine yourself travelling around the world and experiencing different cultures. Join Chris on his journey to find out what is going on in our global community, as he explores holidays and celebrations from all over the globe!

Every year there are new events that happen across the planet for people of every culture. On some days we celebrate with religious traditions like Muslim Eid or Christian Lent while others commemorate a significant date such as American Independence Day or Australia’s national day: Australia Day.

You’ll find yourself travelling through time as you explore festivals around the globe; some with religious or cultural significance others just because it’s Tuesday! From North America to Africa there is something for everyone no matter what tastes you have come down your way. 

By exploring these different celebrations from home or abroad will give the kids (and us) new perspectives on how much our cultures are intertwined despite being so far apart geographically.

Available here on Amazon

Wrap Up

Once your child has learned about different traditions, religions, and celebrations from across the globe, they can better understand why other people are different. 

This fosters curiosity about the world which encourages them to look at things from another person’s perspective. 

They’ll be more open-minded in their interactions with others who have different beliefs than before because now they know it’s ok to celebrate differently! 

A great way for kids to explore diverse cultures is by joining the 193 Little Adventures Club. Each month we visit a different country. With fun Montessori inspired activities we learn about the country, its people, festivals, animals, culture and much more.

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