Declutter Your Inbox

Do you suffer from email overload? You’re not alone!
This came up in the Clear The Clutter course recently but it’s such a great tip, I wanted to share it with you.
If you are anything like me, you are forever signing up to different peoples email newsletters – like mine. But sometimes, you either decide that what they have to say doesn’t match with your ideas or just lose interest or they just send a squillion and one too many emails.
Well, instead of just deleting, UNSUBSCRIBE. According to the CAN-SPAM act 2003, companies have to provide a link in the email which will allow you to unsubscribe, it usually takes 2 clicks, then they are out of your inbox for good! Hurrah!
Sometimes you are requested to send an email asking to be unsubscribed, in that case, they have 10 days to take you off their list. If, you can’t find an unsubscribe link, send it to spam, if you use Gmail they will note that it’s spam and it shouldn’t end up in your inbox and go straight to the spam folder.

Doing the same action repeatedly is stupid!

Think about all that wasted time, why not spend some time to save some time?
Make it a habit to automatically unsubscribe rather than just delete, it will save you time in the long run and it’ll make a dent in the clutter of your inbox!

What about apps that do it for me?

Now, there is an app called unroll me but before you rush off to get it there are a few things to note. It’s only for Gmail users, and it essentially rolls all the emails from the people you select into one digest which is great BUT you can also miss important messages, password resets and the such like.
I tested it out for a couple of weeks but didn’t like it and when I unsubscribed from the app all the newsletters that I thought I had unsubscribed from using unroll me were suddenly dumped in my inbox again.
From what I understand, unroll me doesn’t actually unsubscribe you from the newsletters instead it hold them back so they don’t make it to your inbox.
Like I mentioned above, this is not good news for the person or company who is sending the emails out. Not only are their emails not being seen at all, but they are also likely to be flagged for sending out spam, bit sad if you had signed up to something because you actually liked what the person had to say.
Sometimes you get spam (selling viagra or telling you you just need to send you bank deets to claim a million bucks or whatever) These need to go straight to the spam bin, do not open and do not engage with them.
Just stick with the rule – when I open my email, if there is a newsletter I’m no longer interested in, 2 clicks and unsubscribe! If it’s real SPAM then into the spam bin it goes.
In the podcast I talk about setting up filters in Gmail – if you have NO idea what I’m talking about, you can learn how to do it in this little tutorial. It’s fairly straightforward and will make your life much easier!

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