Brilliant Hacks For Your Small Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important room in your home, it is the place where you prepare to feed and nourish your family. Yet, often the kitchen is badly designed and full of crap which hinders you from loving your time in there.
Japanese kitchen are notoriously small and I have a theory that they are designed by blokes who have never set foot in a kitchen. My mother-in-law complains about her relatively new kitchen all the time, you can’t get more than one person in there without causing an accident!

Work With What You’ve Got

When we build our house, I drew up the plans of exactly what I wanted and got the architect to design around it! I’m happy to report that I still love my kitchen and many of my friends that come to visit have kitchen envy! It’s not massive by any means but it’s designed to be cooked in. This is the first kitchen I have had in japan that I can say that about, some of my previous rented places, the kitchen was a joke! No counter space, I kid you not, my first kitchen here only had the draining board next to the sink as space to prepare food.

Crazy Pants!

So, todays’s post is all hacks and tips and trick for anyone with limited kitchen space.

Brilliant Hacks For Your Small Kitchen, make the most of the limited space that you've got | Kaizen | Kitchen | small kitchen | kitchen hacks | kitchen organisation |


1. Tension Rods


Tension rods are great, you can use them in many ways. Putting them in a drawer or cupboard to hold lids or keep things like chopping boards in place. Put one higher up in a cupboard and hang your spray bottles from it. You can also use them to make a curtain to hide and unsightly open shelves.

hacks for small kitchens jojoebi 1

Tension Rods for Saucepan Lids from
The Complete Guide To Imperfect Homekeeping

2. Use Organizers

You can use these for more than just pots and pans and you don’t have to spend a small fortune, have a look in your local ¥100 store or dollar store for something that fits the bill. It may be marketed as a magazine organiser for example but there is no pan organiser police so go wild and use it in the ‘wrong’ place! Wire CD or file organisers can be used for small plates and Tupperware lids – just look at the space you have available and keep the measurement in your bag so when you are out you can check if your new found organiser will fit the bill or not.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.24.04 AM

Pan orgaisers from Amazon


3. Use Stackable Goods

What happens usually is that we buy or get given random kitchen items, bowls, sieves, colanders etc. Then they end up battling out for space in the cupboard, and you can bet your life that the one you want is right at the bottom.

Go through all your bowls etc and see which ones fit inside each other, now I have to admit, I treated myself to the Joseph Joseph set and I LOVE it. But I also have some random bowls that all fit inside each other, they are not a set, but I chucked out anything that didn’t fir. Now it is super easy to find what I want without having to take everything out of the drawer!

Look for stackable storage boxes too or anything else that will take up less space if fitted together.

small kitchen hacks jojoebi

Joseph Joseph Bowl Set from Amazon

4. Think Outside The Box

Look around your kitchen and see if there is any dead space. Often you can turn these small dead spaces into something useful. If you happen to be in Japan, the home centres often have storage options for tiny spaces, Ikea has some great things to use too. You could add a sheet of metal to a wall to make a place for magnetic storage jars, or do something like this and use pipe straps to make a utensil holder.


small kitchen hacks

images form

5. Use A Lazy Susan

I wonder who Susan was and why she was so lazy?

I digress, Lazy Susan’s are great to put in those awkward corner cupboards, the ones that have plenty of space put getting stuff in and out is like some kind of mastermind test. You may feel like you are losing space by putting a lazy Susan in but the space will in fact be working for you rather than against you, and that’s a plus.
I also love the idea of having a leftovers lazy Susan in the fridge.

small kitchen hacks

Left Overs Lazy Susan from Amazon

6. Use Adhesive Hooks

There are cheap and available in a range of sizes and have been used for so many things, from hanging cooking utensils on the back of doors to keeping annoying rubber bands in one place. You could also make something like this for your pan lids…

small kitchen hacks Pan Hooks from Lifehacker

7. Use Stacking Shelves

If you don’t have adjustable shelves in your cupboards you can create more space by using stacking shelves, these can be picked up cheaply and can give you a lot more space and organisation in your cupboards. You can even use a box tipped on its side for the same effect.

small kitchen hacks

8. Invest in uniform size containers

This one really is just to save your sanity! If you have a hodge podge of boxes and containers for storing food stuff in, you will probably find that they only fit in the cupboard in a specific way, which is annoying and frustrating! So make the investment of buying sets of containers that play nicely together. They don’t need to be designer brand, you might choose to go for glass over plastic, boxes with handles making them easier to take off the shelf, or the style that have lids making them stackable.

Not only does it make your life easier, they look much nicer too, who doesn’t look at this and have storage box envy? Martha Stewart, that’s who!

small kitchen hacks

image from Shelterness

Of course, the biggest thing when you are applying your hacks is to declutter the kitchen before you get started. Keep only what you really need, get rid of equipment and utensils that you use only once a year – good-bye cheese fondue set!

And making space for the things that you really do need and love.

Stay on top of the housework by using the Wonder Mom Cleaning Checklist – free to you when you sign up for the resource library…

Need help with decluttering your kitchen? Then I have just the thing, take the quiz to find out how you can get started today


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Brilliant Hacks For Your Small Kitchen, make the most of the limited space that you've got | Kaizen | Kitchen | small kitchen | kitchen hacks | kitchen organization |Brilliant Hacks For Your Small Kitchen, make the most of the limited space that you've got | Kaizen | Kitchen | small kitchen | kitchen hacks | kitchen organization |“>