Why is having a morning routine important and how will it save you time?

You know as well as I do that kids tend to live in their own little worlds a lot of the time, especially when they have just got up or when they are supposed to be doing something you asked them to do! Therefore, having a solid morning routine helps the kids because they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing and when.

The big knock on for this is that it cuts down on your nagging!

Another plus is that when you have a routine in place it decreases the chances of things being forgotten, school books, homework, gym kit…

If everything is set out and you do everything in the same order it because automated, making the whole start of the day flow so much easier.

Just think of the little routines that you already have in place, the way that you make a cup of tea, for example, chances are you do it in the same order every time – just expand on that. What order do you do things in when the morning ‘works’ and what is going on when you have one of ‘those’ mornings?

Once you know what works you can be intentional in sticking to the routine.

And finally, all these mini routines are great because it reduces the stress levels due to everyone is working in sync instead of scrambling for the bathroom at the same time or fighting over what is for breakfast. Once you have a system that works you will NEVER want to go back to the chaos!

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Beware – don’t fall into this trap…

Following somebody else’s plan won’t work for you. I know there are loads of great tricks and tips out there, Pinterest is full of them but trying to make someone else’s routine fit your unique family situation is a recipe for failure.

All families are unique so what works for one might not work for another. This doesn’t mean you can’t steal ideas that work well for a different family and tweak them to make your own. And as you try things out, pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes this will be to do with your families personalities (we all seem to have that one person who is NOT a morning person) and if that is the case, what can be done to make life easier for them and ultimately you?

More often than not we just bumble our way through life without giving things like this much of a thought, stopping and thinking and making changes, even tiny tweaks will make your life easier!

One of my first students had two girls and a hell of a job getting them out of the door on time for school but after making a few changes she emailed me one day to say that not only were the girls ready on time, they were ready early and had time to walk the elderly neighbours dog and some mornings have a game of badminton! Mom was chilled and able to enjoy her coffee, a totally different vibe than a few weeks previous.

Another thing to remember, as our family grows and grows older we need to change things up. Kids are able to get their own breakfast, get dressed by themselves. Leaving the house time might change as they move from kindergarten to school. Keep that in mind as the kids start a new school or leaving times change.

How to start tweaking your day now to make things run smoother

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TIME is the biggest issue if you sit and write out what you have to do in the amount of time given, is it honestly realistic? Given that doing anything with kids generally takes 3x longer than doing anything alone.

Questions to ask yourself..

1. What can be prepared the night before?

School lunches, clothes for the next day prepared, dished washed so everything is clean for breakfast…

2. What can be dropped completely or done at a different time of day?

If you have 4 people fighting over the shower, can you have 2 people showering at night?

3. What is currently NOT working for your family?

What do you end up screaming at on a daily basis?

If you find yourself pulling your hair out over the same issue every day and nothing has changed then you need to pull on the big girl pants and change the situation, otherwise, you are just repeating the same old behaviour and expecting different results, it doesn’t work like that.

There is always a solution, it might just take some out-of-the-box thinking. Feel free to shout out for suggestions in our free community Moms That Rock

Get Started Today

What is the thing that most annoys you about the morning routine? Start with that.

Don’t let “lizard brain” tell you it can’t be done differently, that is bull, there is always a different way. Sit down with the family, explain that you are fed up with that particular situation (don’t point fingers or lay blame, that will start a fight!) instead ask for help and suggestions on how, as a family, it can change. Get them involved with the process, that includes the kids too. Sometimes kids come up with great ideas because they are not seeing things through the eyes of an adult, so don’t be too quick to dismiss their suggestions.

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