If MacGyver and Martha Stewart had a love child...
That'd be me!


If Macgyver and Martha Stewart had a love child… that’d be me!

I’m Jo Ebisujima or jojoebi because it’s easier to say!

Or you can just call me Jo if you like!

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is sick of being told to “niche down” so I’m leading the charge for all the other renaissance souls out there.

A funny story… when I was 13, at school we had to choose which subjects to study for our final two years. I was told I had to pick either the arts or the sciences. I was not happy with that. So I requested a meeting with the head of the year and put forward the case that Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t choose between the two. In fact, him having an interest in both areas fuelled his passion for learning.

Long story short, I won and got to study the best of both worlds. And so it went on...

Those “not in the know” might see me as the one who can’t make up her mind, the one who can’t pick just one thing, the one who can’t niche down and stick to something. The others, the other multipotentialites out there, they understand. 

We cannot and will not be put in a box and have a label slapped on us.

We are so much more than one thing and we thrive with multiple passions.

And so my resume reads somewhat like random jobs being picked out of a hat…

Car airbag tester
Assistant bar manager
ESL teacher-trainer
Horse riding instructor
Montessori teacher
Accountability coach
Sewing pattern designer
Fabric pattern designer
Graphic designer
Trophy base maker
Website builder
App tester
70s disco costume maker

There are some common threads:

Creativity - I love doing anything that allows me to be creative

Teacher - I love teaching others what I know

Nerd - I love testing out new things

What else is there to say?

I’m a Brit. 

I love travelling and adventures. I came to Japan in ’98 for a year… and well, I’m still here. I have a Japanese husband and a teenage son and, and we live just north of Tokyo near some rice paddies.

I started my online business journey in 2005 and wrote an ebook about teaching in Japan. Since then, I have started an Etsy store, created numerous passive income products (huge fan of passive income), built several courses, written a couple of books, run a membership site - no, make that two - held several masterminds and done 1:1 coaching. 

What I love most about all this is that I’m on my own path. Life is like doing a choose-your-own-adventure book but real and the best bit, I get to help other multi-passionate moms do the same. Together we will rule the world!

I adore Mondays because I get to work with my people on projects that I’m excited about and I’d love to have you as part of my universe.

I’m also an introvert, an adventurer, a book lover, a cheese enthusiast, and a maker-upper of stupid songs. Don’t worry, only my family get to enjoy those. According to them, I am also a torturer!

Like a pick your own adventure book,
where do you want to go next?