**UPDATED March 2021***

Since Easter is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some Easter Egg decorating ideas – we have tried many over the years, I’m not quite sure what we will be doing this year yet. Decorating eggs is actually a really cool way to introduce new techniques to your child – and it is fun for you to do too! I know you can buy kits but there are lots of fun ways without even going down that route.

Not only is egg decorating fun it helps with dexterity too!

If you think about it, most painting and drawing is done on paper – a flat surface, painting or drawing but the surface of an egg is far more difficult. This gives the child some great new skills to try.

We often boil a dozen white eggs then do a few a day so we can try out new techniques and it helps with the child not getting bored and wanting to give up halfway through.

If you have a Lego creator in the house, they might want to try this egg decorating machine, it was a lot of fun to build and took some testing to find the sweet spot! This was the live we did when Ebi-kun first made it.

Under the video, you will find a list of great Egg decorating ideas that even your pro egg decorators won’t have tried yet!





little girl decorating eggs for easter

  1. Sticker Resist Easter Eggs
  2. Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs(just need sharpies and eggs, relatively mess-free)
  3. Ukrainian Eggs
  4. Salad Spinner Eggs (perfect for little ones, very little mess!)
  5. Kool Aid and Wax eggs
    2 eggs decorated with kool aid
  6. Letter Stamped Eggs (any stamp will do!)
  7. Hipster eggs (used temporary tattoos so can be adapted for kids)
  8. Lego Easter Eggs
  9. Glowing Easter Eggs
  10. Family Photo Eggs (you could have a LOT of fun with this technique)
  11. Mosaic Easter Eggs
  12. DIY Baking Soda Paint Eggs
  13. Abstract Easter Eggs
  14. Patterned Eggs
  15. Blingy Easter Eggs
  16. Natural Dyed Eggs
  17. Bunny Eggs
  18. Melted Crayon Eggs
  19. Colour Change Easter Eggs (thermochromic)
  20. Little Bird Easter Eggs
  21. Confetti Eggs
  22. Eggs in Party Hats
  23. Tie-Dye Easter Eggs
  24. Star Wars Eggs
  25. Cute Monster Eggs
  26. Beaded Eggs (uses polystyrene eggs)
  27. Angry Bird Eggs
  28. Steampunk Egg
  29. Galaxy Easter Eggs
  30. Decoupage Eggs
  31. Old MacDonald Had A Farm Eggs
  32. Paper Napkin Eggs (these use pretty flowers but you could use any themed napkin) x
  33. Glitter Dot Eggs
  34. Silk Tie Eggs
  35. Pantone Eggs (for the designer in you!)
  36. Cactus Eggs
  37. Water Colour Eggs
  38. Liquid Water Colour Eggs
  39. Fabric Wrapped Eggs
  40. Yarn Wrapped Eggs (uses egg forms)
  41. Moustache Eggs
  42. Egg People
  43. Octopus Eggs (not in English but you can follow the photos easily enough)
  44. Neon Dots (mess-free and good for working little fingers!)
  45. Lace Dyed Eggs
  46. Baby Wipe Tie Dye eggs
  47. DIY Foliage Eggs
  48. Edible Alcohol Ink Eggs
  49. Bakers Twine Eggs
  50. Pop-Up Easter Card (for when you are sick of seeing eggs!)