Today, many moms have the choice to work from home while raising a family, which is amazing, I feel like it’s a great time for us moms just now. The digital age has made it easier for working parents to manage their time well and find different options on how to do their job, we are no longer tied to a cubicle.

Many moms have engaged in working from home, starting their online business, or are working freelance remotely. All of which have made it possible for them to earn more while taking care of their children.

Some might think that working from home or having a remote setup is easy, not knowing what it entails. Working from home could mean extended hours, more distractions, and can even require more effort, compared to if you are working in an actual office.

That said, working from home can also be advantageous as it gives moms the ability to nourish your offspring, spend less on transportation, and you no longer need to hire a nanny or pay for childcare. It can also provide a better parent-child relationship as children get to spend more time with their parents.

If you are in a work-from-home setup and still struggling to find your flow, here are some way that could help you:

1. Create a Healthy and Designated Work Space

Creating a healthy and a particular workspace is essential especially if you want to work remotely for the long haul. Finding an ergonomic set up should be on top of your priority to ensure that you can deliver better work.

A designated workspace can also help you have that ‘office vibes’ that can increase your motivation and productivity. It will help you to manage your task better and think healthily. If you have the space for a designated room as an office, being able to shut the door will help you to block out all those “mom jobs” that are calling to you.

Mentally having a workspace helps you switch from mom mode to work mode. My own office space is really just a desk but when I sit down, it’s time to work. I rarely sit there at the weekends there really is a mental trigger that goes off when you sit down to work.

If you are using the kitchen table as your office space then when you sit down to work do it with the same set-up, it could be having your notebook and pen, a cup of tea and computer all set-up, in the same way, each time you sit down to work really just to help you go from mom mode to work mode.

I have friends who do a quick 2-minute candle meditation before logging on to help with the transition,   works for you!

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2. Jot Down Your Task and Manage it by Schedule

Working from home is not all fun and games. Whilst you don’t need to be on the road or face daily commute, that doesn’t mean that you have an excuse not to make a schedule. Jotting down the list of things to do, even better using the goal setting hit list (grab it below) will help you accomplish more in a day. You can see your work’s progress and it’ll help you not to miss anything.

Scheduling also helps your children to create a routine. This way, they are not solely dependent on you on what they can do during the times you are scheduled to work. Teaching them to become play independently can make a world of difference to how much work you can achieve. There are ideas on activities to keep them busy here.

3. Use Your Resources Effectively

The internet, personal computer, and other gadgets at home have their uses. Which, can help you a lot in your work. However, such resources can also be distractions. Regularly checking your social media accounts, online streaming, or playing on your device can kill your productivity.

Check in with yourself to make sure that you are using all your tools efficiently. Be mindful on how and where you use it. The screen time tracker can give great insights to the amount of time you spend Facebook scrolling! Try the Forest App if you have gotten into the habit of mindlessly picking up your phone, it’s a fun way to keep you off The Facebook! Let me know if you are on there, we can be ‘friends’.

Learn how to use apps and software properly, it might feel like it’s eating your time initially but in the long run, it will save you time.

4. Use Your Down Time to Learn More

As a mom, downtimes are essential to freshen your mind and body from the day’s work. You don’t need me to harp on about the importance of self-care and how it can affect your mental health. You know it’s important!

While downtime is deemed useful, if you are looking to grow, you may even turn it into learning time. Especially if you are lifetime learner like myself, digging into a new course or book is a way that fills my cup.

If you are already on the couch enjoying some quiet time, you can shift to a more productive way of relaxing by listening to podcasts, watching conferences videos, or reading articles on your preferred topic. Before tuning out on Netflix ask yourself if the mindless TV program is what your body needs or would it be better to learn something. Of course, it’s OK to binge watch the latest drama sometimes but sometimes your body will tell you different.

As for catching up on books, I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts whilst I do the borning house jobs or prepare dinner. If you haven’t tried Scribd, check it out, it is much cheaper than Audible. (You will get 2 months free if you sign up here)

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5. Delegate Tasks

If you are a biz mom or entrepreneur, hiring people can help you to finish tasks and requirements much quicker. Learn how to delegate different chores and trust your workers to accomplish it. Setting up systems in your business is important from the get-go, to help you pass on jobs as you get busier.

Being on top of everything could be toxic on your end and might also affect your productivity. Instead of having the energy to do more, you will feel exhausted, run down and deflated. Plus you won’t be doing your best work even when working in your zone of genius. It can affect your mood, mental health and other activities, don’t burn out before you have laid the foundation of your empire.

Delegating tasks not only help you accomplish more, but also influence you to be a better leader. I often find help through recommendations from other entrepreneur mom friends and OnlineJobs|PH – There are thousands of skilled workers that can deal with the tasks that you want to pass off.

And of course, don’t forget the kids and partner! They should all be helping out and doing their bit too, running the home shouldn’t all be on your shoulders.

For more time-saving tips and resources plus plenty of things to keep the kids busy, sign up for the FREE resource library…


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