I’m sure you are aware of TED talks and you probably have a few favourites. And well, you know I love sharing so I thought I should share some of mine but to focus on TED talk for biz moms that have some great messages of inspiration that is needed when we are having a rough day.

And yes, we all have them. Those days when you think it would be easier to pack it all in and go and wait tables instead, not that waiting tables is bad, I have done plenty in my time. It’s just that us entrepreneur spirited moms want and expect more from ourselves.

Although these TED talks for biz moms are not specifically talking about business, all of them have a message that I believe small business owners, that happen to be moms can relate and aspire to, I would love to know your thoughts about it!

Dame Stephanie Shirley – Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?

A Holocaust refugee, mother of an autistic child, owner of a software company, run by women. A pioneer and philanthropist is an inspiration if she can smash down the glass ceilings back in the 60’s we have no excuse now.

She’s also very funny.

Brene Brown – The Power Of Vulnerability

A beautiful and strong message that all moms need to watch. She nails it with shame and fear. Something that we all carry and something no-one wants to admit to.

Every entrepreneur mom I have worked with has had the “I’m not enough” voice at some stage of their development, many times for many reasons…

  • I’m not smart enough
  • I’m not thin enough
  • I’m not techie enough
  • I’m not worthy enough…

Emilie Wapnick – Why Some People Don’t Have One True Calling

This is probably the one TED talk I have watched the most times. For me, it was a huge relief to know that I’m not weird (well, a little bit!) for not wanting to do just one thing, to focus on one thing, to niche down to one thing. Every cell in my body screams against it.

My childhood hero was Leonardo Di Vinci – see I was weird back then too, and when I was told as a teen that I couldn’t study the arts and the sciences, I had to choose one path, Leonardo was my argument against the decision.

So compelling was my argument that I was given permission to do both!

So this one is for all the mulitipods out there who don’t want to “niche down”! Emilie also has a great book “How To Be Everything

Arianna Huffington – How to Succeed? Get More Sleep

Yes, I know, as a mom we DON’T NEED TO BE TOLD that we need more sleep! But the truth of the matter is that we often sacrifice sleep for other things.

Dog tired but refuse to go to bed before 10 pm because the kids have only been down for an hour and you feel that you have to enjoy the quiet time without them?

Yeah, been there, done that. It’s stupid, sleep is better for you than GOT or whatever the latest binge-watch is.

This video is a short one, a nice gentle and humorous reminder…

Graham Shaw – Why people believe they can’t draw and how to prove they can

This is a great one but first – grab a pen and paper and the kids! This is an interactive talk and fun but he also shares an important message at the end.

It’s funny that before school age, kids are pretty convinced they can do anything but by the time they are school leavers, most have lost that deep-seated belief.

I hope that any kids watching this (and adults too) turn that thought lizard in their head right around and sent it packing!

We tend to watch a lot of TED talks on all sorts of subjects, not just TED talks for biz moms! Some of my favourites are about education and kid presenters too.
If you have a favourite, please drop it below, I’m always up for watching new ones!

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3 different people presenting a TED talk which are good for moms in business

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