Why Now Is Never A Good Time
& Always The Best Time

Ahhh nothing like a good contradiction to start the day. But it is true, let me digress and explain why the 2 second decision changes everything…

How many times have you put something off because you are too busy or it doesn’t fit with your schedule or whatever? Anything from writing that email to having a baby, we all use these types of excuses at some time or another.

But that’s where the problem lies.

The excuse. Yes, sometimes the reality is that you are too busy, someone in the family is sick, you don’t have the spare cash, you don’t have the headspace just at that moment.

But there is a difference between the reality and using life as an excuse not to get your arse into gear.

They say every person has a book inside them, but only a small percentage of people actually sit down and write the book, why is that?

Some people want to write a book, they know they have something important to say, they feel like they have something amazing whether fiction or non-fiction to share with the world. But they don’t do it. Why?

When you ask, you will hear a myriad of excuses and yes for a handful those excuses are genuine but for a good chunk they are just that, excuses.

FEAR is one of the greatest reasons for coming up with excuses. Fear of putting yourself out there, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of it not turning out how you expect it to. And I get that.

As an introvert I hate putting myself out there, getting on video or even having my photos taken make me want to vomit, it really isn’t something I enjoy BUT I know that if I really want to get to the goal I have put out there then, I have to take the uncomfortable bits along with the fun stuff.

So your homework… are your genuinely using a good reason as an excuse or are you using an excuse as an excuse to do the thing you want to do because you don’t want to face the fear?

One 2 Second Decision Changes Everything

If you have got a goal or something on the to-do list which you still haven’t started, ask yourself how much you want it. How much do you REALLY want it?

If it doesn’t ignite that fire in your belly, then cross it off the damn list and move onto something more important.

If it does light that fire, make you tingle with a mixture of fear and excitement then you have to stop holding yourself back. The only thing you need to do right now is deciding if you want it or not.

Once you say yes, and not a weak, feeble erm ok yes but an almighty HELL YES, then you are ready!

  • Ready to take the next step
  • Ready to commit to doing whatever it takes
  • Ready to look fear in the eye and say ‘screw you’

Once you have made that decision, all those crappy excuses about not having time, money, blah blah blah disappear because once you have that fire in your belly, you will make things happen. You will find the time, you will find the money and you will smash that goal.

And if you are hearing a load of bullshit voices in your head right now about how I am wrong because (____ fill in the blank) then go back to the homework because either YOU are not ready to commit or you are focusing on the wrong project.


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Let’s look at some real-life examples…

I felt it was time for me to write a book, the first book, Montessori Inspired Activities For pre-Schoolers. Writing a book is a HUGE job and yes I can fire all the excuses under the world, lack of time, no childcare, no money blah blah blah. But I had that fire in my gut that this needed to be out there and now was the time to do it. I made that 2-second decision, so all I needed to do was implement it. And I did, in just under 6 months I went from initial idea to Amazon bestseller.

The learning curve was massive, I threw myself it learning everything about Createspace and Kindle and launching a book. I stopped watching TV and instead watched YouTube tutorials. I shifted my priorities so that I could make it happen. And I did.

More recently, I decided to build a membership site for moms. April 9th I sat down and planned everything out…

kaizen revolution

June 26th I opened the doors and welcomes the first members.
Between those two points in time, I designed and build the members site from scratch, created all the content, interviewed the guest experts, put together the action packs and set up the launch.

Yes it took a lot of work, yes it was frustrating at times, yes I had days when I thought about chucking it all in BUT I didn’t because I knew this is what was missing for moms wanting to get started. Moms who are ready to commit but feel lost on how to actually plan out their goals and make them happen.

I wanted to create the thing that wasn’t there for me when I started.

And that kept me going.

I also have several entrepreneur friends who have created million dollar businesses and best-selling books, and yes, they are moms and yes, they could use all of the excuses too. But they didn’t. It all comes down to the 2-second decision.

So if you are ready to write that book or create that ‘thing’, then come and join us in The Wonder Mom Success Club it was made for you.

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2 seconds to greater productivity | decision making | assertiveness | productivity | kaizen | #kaizen #productivity #procrastination“>

2 seconds to greater productivity | decision making | assertiveness | productivity | kaizen | #kaizen #productivity #procrastination“>