1111 Declutter challenge

It started with a nice round 500 then I decided it wasn’t a big enough stretch so I bumped it up to 1000 but when I put the paper on the fridge to track the amount of this I was throwing out, I thought, you know what, lets go for the magic number 1111!


And so the declutter 1111 challenge was born!


But WHY?

Twice a year I like to have a big chuck out, it changes the energy in the house and even though I tend to keep on top of most of the house, there are still cheeky things that sneak their way in. So a twice-a-year chuckathon is called for!
Today’s podcast I talk about the best way to set up your own challenge and what to do when you meet a block…like the one I had in my undies drawer!


Keeping clothes and toys to a minimum – less is more!


Keep rubbish bags handy, it depends on the system where you live but we need a bag for burnable, one for plastics and another for non burnable!


Ill fitting undies be gone! Still makes me a bit sad when I see this pic! But now I have nots of space for an undies upgrade!


Never-ending bento bits! I vow never to buy any more bento bits!

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