I help expat moms to create the time they need to run their business, look after their family and enjoy their time abroad. If that sounds like you, you are in the right place.

I've built my approach on three foundational pillars:


You're wonderfully multi-passionate, with a whirlwind of ideas constantly brewing in your mind. 

Picking one path was never your thing; you want to explore them all. Your bookshelves are a testament to your eclectic interests, spanning history, art, DIY, and astronomy. 

You're not one to stick to a single path. Life is simply too exciting for that.

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You're not just a mom; you're a mom with a vision. You believe in education, but not in the traditional, mundane sense. 

Textbooks and rote learning are out, and you're all about lifelong learning and instilling a love for self-education in your children. 

Your enthusiasm for learning is infectious, and you want the same for your kids.


Your home is your family's sanctuary. It's the place where your children feel safe, and it's your personal haven. 

You dream of a home that's easily manageable, stress-free, and a source of joy. 

Somewhere you don't have to panic about the mess when uninvited guests ring the doorbell, and where sticky socks and wet towels n the floor are a thing of the past.

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And That's Where I Come In!

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Combining all these elements for a smooth and efficient lifestyle requires productivity, magic and sexy systems. That's where I step in.

As a productivity coach, best-selling Montessori author, homeschooling mom, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. I have a wealth of experience under my belt. I'm here to help you get everything on track. 

Let's make it happen, together!


The Wonder Mom Success Club has really helped me to achieve more because I can now set goals that are realistic before I would always over-schedule and end up not achieving anything.

I also love the tribe, I'm one of those people who need a supportive group to ask questions to and get feedback from. And I really enjoy the monthly themes and masterclasses, I'm learning so much and having fun.

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Jordana Matsuda

Teacher & Illustrator

Before working with Jo I was overwhelmed and without a clear path. Now I'm more organized. I know it is better to take a few minutes everyday and plan the day, as well as looking at the small picture, and then the big picture.

Looking at little achievements helps to reassure myself when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
The biggest change for me was accountability. Getting the jobs done that I said I would, being held accountable made me more productive.

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Mom and Lawyer

Before I joined Jo's mastermind I was unsure of where to go with my freelancing.

Whether or not I was going to be able to make it.

Now, I feel a lot more confident that I will be able to get where I need to go - whether it's working for myself or getting the right job that pays well enough.

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Kath O'Malley

Kath O'Malley Website Design

Get The Book!

Montessori Inspired Activities for Pre-Schoolers is the perfect book to grab when you want to keep your little ones busy and learning without having to trawl through Pinterest for 3 hours first. 
Simple activities using equipment that you already have at home but with the benefits of the Montessori theory behind them.

Available HERE (aff) or any good book store.

3D image of the book Montessori Inspired activities for pre-schoolers